Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

We will be reading Laid-Back Camp starting on the 25th of April!

:camping: :coffee: :ramen:

This will be followed by Fruits Basket on 20th of June.

Thank you all for such a decisive polling result, finally :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this pleases me because it’s like we picked a short manga and then did the second-place option too which is how it’s supposed to work jeez.


Totally agree. I meant to keep an eye on that but then totally forgot when Aria actually finished (I was probably too traumatised). Plus Girls’ Last Tour didn’t really have an official ‘end’ because they posted the threads for volumes 3 onwards in one go for people to read at their own pace - regardless, the scheduled aspect of the club of course certainly finished.


*** currently continuing as an offshoot club
+ entire series completed as an offshoot club


It will get a bit complicated if we have clubs where an offshoot completes X volumes but no more.


Yes, sounds good to me. I was wondering, though, why are we using three stars instead of just one? I don’t see any other use of footnotes in the post :thinking:

If a club does not go on until the end (kinda looking at yotsuba, although one could argue it’s “temporarily on hold”), we may add another mark saying “not currently reading” or something of that effect.

Also, タクマシー


Dunno, it was like that when I got here :stuck_out_tongue: I think probably to make it stand out more in the list though (it is quite easy to see which ones have offshoots like this). I was debating whether to go for three crosses, so that all offshoots are easy to see but it’s harder to distinguish between complete and ongoing…


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Heh. That’s Anzac Day here.

Heh. That’s my birthday…

Also, finally the long curse of Laid-Back Camp is over!


Yotsuba is currently active.
Just two more volumes once we finish this one, so will probably finish it (not counting the possibility of new volumes dropping about every 3 years XD )

But I guess we could have a separate icon for inactive, which can also be used if a series decided to take a planed month off (like December)
Or until interest peeks. But yeah, an of-shoot that is not finished, yet not active could have it’s own marker…
Or should we just sort them by activity level?


Oh, I didn’t know yotsuba was finally back. I guess I’m not on the forum enough… that’s why I lost my regular badge not bitter maybe a little bit whyyyy

That sounds like a maintenance nightmare :anguished:


I’ve lost mine too! :sob:


Fruits Basket appears to be on sale on at the moment :slight_smile:


Hm. They might yet convince me to go for it. Stupid sales. D:

Are there any actual differences in the new edition vs the old one? Or is it just the same manga packaged differently and in fewer volumes?


We noticed Aria had a few panels different between versions, though that may have been because Naph had the very first original-edition print run. Also, a number of chapters were in a different order.


That also happened with Sailor Moon. Some panel were modernized to include dvds instead of floppy disks.
It’s not like the original version is always worst though. For ARIA, the new version did not have the bonus comic that’s usually under the book cover.


I’m just gonna apologise here and now if I post any discussion threads late in the coming weeks, or just on entirely the wrong day - working from home full time is messing up my sense of which day we’re on pretty intensely :sweat_smile:


Bah. I was hoping I could find a link to a website that does nothing but read your system time and then post in big friendly letters “It’s Friday” or whatever, but my search fu is weak. Google will tell you, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can this be bought if I own a kindle paperwhite connected to the US store already? Like, is my kindle region locked?

A kindle can only be linked to one Amazon account at a time, and unfortunately and require different accounts. The good news is that you can freely switch your Paperwhite between accounts as much as you want. It’s just inconvenient.


Thanks sounds like a pain but doable

As this was originally a BBC read, I figure it makes sense to make sure people here know about the re-read group:


Being at home is definitely confusing me. I seen this and wondered why the BBC would be interested in Japanese books :sweat_smile:


Hah, sorry :grin: I like to call them the BBC and the ABC…

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