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Burn maybe it will make them join an off-shoot club instead!

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Chrome still isn’t liking the links for me, so I’ll just scroll back and find the nominations that I haven’t voted on yet.

If I get a chance today I’ll add the topic title in to the nomination links. Someone might need to remind me to change them all once voting opens.

@Radish8 Re your post in the other thread: I was thinking about how page count is such a bad indicator of time needed per week, but there’s not much else to go by. For example, chapters of ご注文はうさぎですか are only 8 pages long, but that takes much longer to read (with decent comprehension) compared to say a 36 page chapter of Aria. Or basically any other manga I’ve read for that matter. Just thinking out loud. :thinking:


Are we voting yet?
hype intensifies


Vote for the next book now!

Our next pick will be the tenth book we’ve read together as a club! :tada:

Please look under “Current Proposals” in the first post for more details on each of the options, including short summaries and links to sample pages.

Difficulty Scores

Each option has been assigned a difficulty score, noted in the poll, based on club members voting, where 1 indicates “no effort at all” and 5 indicates “impossible even with help”. These scores aren’t perfect comparisons so please take a look for yourself at the sample pages of options you’re interested in, if you have time.

We will likely begin reading on the 19th of October, one week after we finish reading 一週間フレンズ. If a short manga (less than 8 weeks) wins we will also read the second place option afterwards without holding another vote.

The poll will be closed on Tuesday Morning (the 3rd, UK time).

You can vote for up to 4 options.

  • Nordic Girl Åsa [Manga] [2.40]
  • Ao’s Island and a Cat [Manga] [2.79]
  • Flying Witch [Manga] [2.13]
  • Laid-Back Camp [Manga] [2.83]
  • Love Me For Who I Am [Manga] [2.29]
  • Fruits Basket (Collector’s Ed.) [Manga] [2.89]
  • Skip Beat! [Manga] [2.50]
  • Neighbourhood Story [Manga] [2.57]
  • Haikyuu!! [Manga] [2.63]
  • Attack on Titan [Manga] [2.73]
  • Great Detective Conan [Manga] [3.35]
  • Scary Lessons [Book] [3.24]
  • Mysterious Town Beyond the Mist [Book] [2.58]
  • Porepore Nikki! [Book] [3.00]

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I updated all the nomination post links in the OP to include the topic title and the Chrome new tab bug still affects them. Raaaaaaage. Afraid people will just have to ping back and forth from the OP to the nomination posts in one tab (or copy and paste the topic title into the address bar after it messes up).

@seanblue yeah I was thinking about that too :grin: Aria’s always more like 35 - 40 pages but I find the dense 4-koma format takes waaaay longer to get through.


Oh no, I thought we were still doing infinite votes in this club and then found myself unable to vote after marking almost everything :fearful:
Brb making decisions


*coughcough*Vote for Laid-Back Camp*coughcough*

It’s like that for me even in English. I can easily read half a volume of most manga in one night, but 4-koma volumes can take me several nights. But hey, they’re quite funny, so that’s not a bad thing. :slightly_smiling_face:




I just learned (and also remembered, pretty sure I’ve seen it before but forgotten it) that word. I wonder if this is fate telling me I should change my vote :thinking:


I learned it from SAO, so, yeah, I’d assume you learned it recently need to change your vote.


If the current results stay stable this will not only be the first time I’ve ever already owned the winner but I’ll have the second place pick too :grin:


Is Flying Witch short enough that we’d read the second pick right after?

Yep, reckon so. I think we’d probably take 6 or 7 weeks to read it.


It would be nice to get the current top picks then. :slight_smile:


Close the polls now D:

just kidding


I was literally just debating whether to post saying "if you’re going to ask me to close the polls now Nath, the answer is no :stuck_out_tongue: "



Hmm, on one hand I’m not too interested in the currently leading stuff :thinking:

On the other hand, they could be more interesting than they look and maybe I can answer a question sometime or something if I gey(and read) them :thinking:

Maybe I’ll just use whatever wins as an excuse to order sruff and also get some random other stuff at the same time even if I’m not that excited about them


Many of us got the current leader for free last week. :slight_smile: