Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

Oh good, I thought I was hallucinating :joy:

I didn’t think it was possible to delete threads.

Oh great, so I didn’t just hallucinate that due to my obsession with books.
That’s good to know.


Thanks for your reply! The post was apparently hidden by the spam detection system until a moderator manually approves it, so it should appear again in a while.

Good luck with tackling 獣の奏者! Don’t let the initially overwhelming vocabulary discourage you, it gets a lot easier after a while, although there will always be some spikes now and then.

I’m currently reading the third volume (which is pretty massive with 560 pages), and so far it’s just as good as the previous volumes and gets back to some questions raised in the very first (!) chapter of book 1. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a big timeskip between book 2 and 3, so I can definitely see why the anime ended at that point. Having a 30+ year-old protagonist would’ve probably alienated a part of the target audience, though for me it has lost little of its magic.


Oh, I want to check it out, but it doesn’t have furigana, so later :eyes: Thanks for the recommendation though!

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I had no idea that was even a thing! Perhaps it’s because of your trust level / being a new member. Still pretty weird that it displayed it initially. I was literally in the middle of reading when it vanished :joy:

Ah, probably because you just joined the community 24 minutes ago. Welcome to the community!

I knew that it was basically two separate two-book series that are related, so that makes sense. Please post an update to let us know if you liked the whole series once you’re done. :blush:

In case you were interested, the intermediate book club is starting Kino’s Journey in two weeks:

And here’s a master list of book clubs too:


If furigana are the problem, check out the Aoi Tori version. It’s 8 volumes instead of 4, and they have lots of furigana.

Thanks again! I’ve read around the book clubs yesterday. Not sure if I will join for Kino since I will be traveling at that time (ha, how fitting!), but since you’ll be reading it over the span of many weeks, I might join after all. I don’t care so much about light novels in general, but Kino is definitely one I’m interested in. Liked the first anime adaption a lot, and while the second one was a bit disappointing overall, it still had its moments.


Oh thanks, I didn’t think that was the same book!:DD I will check it out later, I still need to read a lot of books and manga :eyes:

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It might be a bit hard regardless. It’s got a lot of fantasy elements!

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Yeah, I guessed that if you said it’s still hard:DD I want to read fantasies in the future, so it might be one of my goals. But thanks for the heads up!


Ha, yeah. @Naphthalene insists I could handle it now, but I still think I’d rather until after I’ve read Kino’s Journey and one or two other books I already own.


Wait, so you’re saying that the 50 episode anime only covers the first two books?!?! That’s kind of amazing?

I’ve got the Aoi Tori bunko version, and have tried diving into it on and off, but on the back cover, they still recommended it for upper grade schoolers so it still felt a little tough for me (ahahaha). I’m really looking forward to it, but I’ve got heaps of other things to read in the meantime, so like @seanblue I’m happy to wait until I feel a bit more ready for it.

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Your JCAT score insists you can handle it now. Your reading is better than mine :eyes:

Sounds like a fluke. :joy:

Fluke or not, you are definitely in a better place than I was when I first went through it :slight_smile:
(And I guess you’ll be fine by the time you do get the time to read it)


Yeah, I should probably go through some of the 5 unread books I already own anyway. :joy:

My official plan is:

  • キノの旅 with intermediate book club.
  • 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 with intermediate book club if selected, otherwise with @QuackingShoe and whatever group they get together.
  • 霧の向こうのふしぎな町 and/or 魔法少女育成計画 on my own.

I figure that’ll probably be my book reading in 2019 give or take. That just leaves ペンギン・ハイウェイ unaccounted for, but I don’t feel like reading a longer book right now.


Uh… and?

Aria? Poor Aria.

Just talking about actual books here.


Hi! I’m interested in joining for the next challenge starting on 2.3. I was wondering, will people post in here about it or will a new thread open?


This is the thread: 少女終末旅行 Home Thread (Beginner Book Club) (Start Date: March 2nd) :slight_smile: