Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

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Ooh, I’ve never heard of that shipping place. Might look into it as an option for next time.

They offer free international shipping for all “Products Eligible for Free Shipping” (never encountered any product I wanted to buy that wasn’t) if you’re ordering for $39 or more. You can pay e.g. via paypal.

Now I just have to find other books to buy to get over the $39…

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Ouch, yeah, not sure I’ve ever bought that many manga at once :smile:

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I ordered Aria the Masterpiece volumes 2-7 all at once (plus a few other things), so I’ve gone well above $39.


I think I will just order some graded readers books or N3 kanzen master for the december JLPT. (I just recently ordered kanzen master N4 + naze doushite from the absolute beginners club via yesasia so my wish list is… empty haha).
There’s still at least until April until the book club starts reading candy shop, right? So I still have some time left until I have to order.

少女終末旅行 home thread for anyone that hasn’t noticed it.


@Radish8 I’ve been messing around with the formatted of the “Formerly Nominated Books” section. What do you think of the table view? I’m not sure whether or not to include the selected books. The only reason I included them was to link to the original post where they were nominated, but I’m not sure if that’s worth the extra clutter.

Yeah, I think with the fastest schedules we’d still only be starting early April :+1:

@seanblue ooh, I like the table a lot! Condenses the information down nicely.

Hmm… I suppose if you wanted to look at those nominations otherwise it would be a pain to find them, but I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to look back at them. I guess you might want to see how you rated the difficulty at the time or something? Could we perhaps include the links to those nominations alongside the historic polls?


3rd Book Poll | Winner: Aria the Masterpiece Volume 1

…or something? Then we haven’t increased the length, but we’ve kept all the links. And it feels kind of weird to have them in the ‘removed’ section, cos they won.

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Okay, I’ll give that a shot!

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I can switch the format of the nominations list to be drop-down tomorrow if you think that’s an improvement.

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Just nabbed both 少女終末旅行 and ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂 on my Kindle because I want to try ebooks for my Japanese reading because I am running out of space.


Sounds good.

I finished removing all of the too hard books / books that were moved to other book clubs. I didn’t end up purging any “unpopular” books since the nominees list is already down to 12 and nothing was at like 5% or anything like that. If we remove anything that got 10% or less (and has been in at least two polls) we’d remove Scary Lessons, Great Detective Conan, and Dragonball. If we make the criteria 15% we’d also remove ポレポレ日記いざ流星学園へ and Haikyuu. We can also decide later based on how many new nominees we get rather than removing them now if we want.


By the way, I keep forgetting to say so, but it would look better to use non-breaking spaces   instead of small text or underscores.

Grabbed the two winners. As usual I looked for a set of the mangas, found a set for much less than the individual prices would total, so feels a little cheaper :wink: (and if it branch of, which it often does, I can join in. It’s only 6 books long it would seem? )
Also, free shipping (@ eBay =P )

Looked for a set for the books (there seem to be 10), didn’t find a set so bought the first one only (along with a graded readers set I didn’t have, which was brought up in the absolute beginner group. I love those kinds of books, just wish they weren’t so expensive D= But they give such a great satisfaction to read, so worth it =P ) @ Amazon jp

To make the table wider?

Y e s

I think that makes sense. We don’t want to thin it out too much if it ends up being unnecessary.

@Naphthalene I just discovered that you could use   here this morning (still not clear to me quite how the formatting works in Discourse)!

Yeah, I think there are ten, but they’re definitely pricier than manga. I’m surprised you didn’t own them already :wink:


Well, I own the entire set of Scary stories, that is quite a few books :wink:
But they where sold as a set =P

And yes, had they had a set of these I would without a doubt picked the set :wink:

I already own more than half of the nominees, but not the winners! XD

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Haha! I actually really don’t want Dragonball to win, just because I already own the chibi version instead :joy:

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Good idea, not that it matters much at this point since @Radish8 is changing the formatting tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: