Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

Nah, that old stuff is boring. How about the 六法全書 instead?


Also, even if you speed up, it should more or less average to the same number of pages in the long run, I guess, so you’re still looking at 5 months for 200 pages.

Short stories, like the horror book that was recommended a while back, are probably the most appropriate. You can just read a couple with the club, with an optional branch off for those who want to read the rest :thinking: also, you can get people back in when you move to a different story. I think it worked well for Autumn Prison in the intermediate book club.


Depends how much you ramp up! :racing_car: :racing_car: :racing_car:


@Raionus @Radish8 @Naphthalene I was planning to do that ramp up approach with 時をかける少女 for sure. Most of the chapters are conveniently 5 pages long, so I figure it would be good to read 5 pages for the first 2-3 weeks and then bump it up to 10 pages a week.


then 15

THEN 50 !!!

jk, jk




English(from goodreads):
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time tells the story of Kazuko Yoshiyama, a third-year middle school student who accidentally acquires the ability to time travel after an unfortunate accident in a school science lab. The novel is the basis for several television and film adaptations, including an acclaimed anime film directed by Mamoru Hosoda.

Japanese(from amazon):



Personal Opinion

It’s a book quite a few people probably have heard of already and I personally want to read it, so I’m hoping more people will too(yes, I know this is nearly the same thing I wrote for porepore nikki)

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Tsubasa Bunko edition has lots of furigana
  • Fairly short for being an actual book(about 160 pages)
  • At least one other person seems to want to read this
  • Has a vocab list on


  • Is an actual book, so has much more text than most manga
  • Likely to take longer to read, and may require larger vocab knowledge


First Three Pages of Chapter One

These pages are also in the amazon preview, in case you can’t read the text.

Additional Pages

Page 32:
Page 21:

Difficulty Poll

How much effort would you need to read this book?

  • No effort at all
  • Minimal effort
  • Just right
  • Challenging
  • Impossible, even with everyone’s help
  • I don’t know (please click this if you’re not voting seriously)

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Didn’t want to wait for me to post the nomination, huh?

Please add an English summary as well. I don’t want to needlessly scare off beginners.

I can delete it if you want me to(just figured I’d save you some time, apologies if you’d rather have posted about it yourself).

And yeah, I’ll go add an english summary.

Nah, it’s cool. I’ve just been talking about it for a while and was surprised. Can you also edit the post to indicate what page numbers the additional pages are? It’ll be much easier to read it from my copy of the book than from your pictures. Also your last picture is blurry so you might want to retake that.

Alright, I did. (And in case you where wondering why I posted a nomination for it even though you said you would: you also mentioned being really busy in at least a few of those posts, so I wanted to try do something nice. Sorry if that was bit presumptuous).

I’ll try(I’m kind of bad at the whole “photography” thing…)

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Yep, and I do appreciate it. :+1:
Sorry if I came off as a jerk. I was just making a poor joke.


@Raionus What’s with the “impossible, even with everyone’s help” vote for 少女終末旅行?

10 min later, it looks like that vote does not exist anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely still there though. :wink:

I don’t think you can remove votes anyway, only change them.

I was talking about the difficulty.
Or was it a joke? :exploding_head:

I don’t really get what you mean then. :sweat_smile:

But @Raionus voted for minimal difficulty. So I assumed the vote had been changed. But I then realized you might have been joking.

I think you’re looking at the wrong poll. I’m talking about this one:

Oh wow, yes indeed.
That just gave me a weird experience. Somehow, I guess I didn’t read the sentence completely, and my brain was autocompleting it with 時をかける少女.
As soon as I saw your message, I scrolled back up and sure enough it was 少女終末旅行.
Kinda felt like the part in soma where (avoiding spoiler) err you suddenly see your hands differently.

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Hah. I did the same thing. Maybe it was 時をかける少女, and he’s gone back and changed it to trick us.

Hobbitses are tricksy like that.