Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

Hi guys! I am from intermediate book club but decided to join you all on this one because I’ve been an Aria fan since 2014.
I’ve already read 6 chapters and I think this book is perfect for beginners.

Just to confirm your guess: it takes me 30-40 minutes to read a chapter. It may be easier for me though because I am already familiar with setting.


Kanji wasn’t the biggest obstacle to reading Kiki. It was grammar and vocab. So my WaniKani level honestly doesn’t mean much.

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So you’ll be done long before we start haha. Hopefully you don’t mind helping some of the newer members. :slight_smile:


もちろんです。:slightly_smiling_face: ^^


Actually, I’m trying really hard not to do that. I bought the books (well, the aqua ones) at book off three days ago, and it starting to take willpower to refrain from reading them :rofl:


We have a nice new Reading subsection of the Japanese Language forum section. So here’s a poll about moving the book club topics from Campfire to that section. Please keep in mind that Campfire topics cannot be read without a WaniKani account while everything in the Reading section is public.

  • Move the main page (this topic), future book discussions, and past discussions
  • Move the main page (this topic) and future book discussions ONLY (don’t move past discussions)
  • Keep everything in Campfire

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I didn’t participate in previous discussions, so I don’t feel I have a right to vote on that. However I plan to join the discussions of the next book, and I don’t mind having that over there :slight_smile:
(I can change my vote to “move everything” if it’s confusing)

It probably doesn’t matter much, but voting for the option you did implies you have a reason to keep the old threads in Campfire. So maybe change it? Up to you.

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Hm, yeah, I guess it is confusing. I changed it, just in case. If votes for keeping stuff in campfire get tied (or even close), just don’t count me, I guess.

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Makes it SO much easier to keep track of, more likely to notice new questions and now we got a place to keep it, so lets keep it there! =D

If Campfire is searchable, then they might find us anyway cause we have referenced the book club so many times on other topics, which they can find =)
They will just have to make an account to join in.

I feel keeping it all in one place is more important anyway. We wanted this, now we got it, lets show our gratitude by moving everything there =)


Like Nath I don’t want to vote cos I didn’t participate, but I would certainly be happy for this thread and future threads to be moved. It makes much more sense as a location to me.

If people who participated are happy to move old threads, I agree with Toyger that having everything in one place would be way better, and make searching easier.

@Toyger not quite sure I’m understanding correctly, but Campfire is not searchable via the internet. Someone might discover the reading club and join WK in order to access them (I think that’s what you’re saying?) but that seems like quite a different situation from the threads coming up on google and being readable by anybody.

Ah, that’s what they meant. Well, my comment still stand, we are vocal about the book clubs whenever someone asks questions about reading material in Campfire, so we will always be able to pull in people. And now with a subcategory there might be people who stay away from Campfire who finds us, so win win =)

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I definitely think moving everything to the new section will increase exposure of the book club. Maybe our questions will even help random people googling questions about the books we’re reading.


Alright, I’d say 13 unanimous votes for moving everything to the new Reading section is enough. Can the original thread creators (@jprspereira and @MissMisc) or someone with regular access move this thread, the Yotsuba volume 1 thread, and all the Kiki threads?


Done :slight_smile:


Thanks! Also, please change the thread title to mention that we’re starting Aria the Masterpiece on June 23rd.

It’s really frustrating that I don’t have regular status to do all this myself, but I’d have to spend hours reading random Campfire topics to get it back.

Done :v:

You can just skip to the bottom of the most active threads. That counts as “reading time” too, I believe.

Maybe I’ll try mindlessly scrolling one of these days. :man_shrugging:
I think the current requirements are a little unfair to people that mostly look at the WaniKani and Japanese Language sections though. I read basically everything in those sections, but I’m still short on the criteria for viewing 10000 of the most recent posts.

No it doesn’t. It only counts “read” messages. You know if a message is read or not by the blue dot on the right side.
You have to wait until it disappear to scroll past, or it won’t count as read. (Which kind of makes sense)


Fun Fact: You can press J to go the next post (and K to go to the previous post). Using this, I verified that the blue dot disappearing is just an animation and you don’t actually have to wait for it to disappear for the post to be marked as read. If you scroll back up, the blue dot has still disappeared.