Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: ウスズミの果て

Hi, there! Can I be added to the list? I have the book and am ready to go!

It does take foreign cards, but I’ve been having issues with it lately and just resort to refilling my gift card balance every time I order something, instead of charging directly to the debit card.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to join in just yet, but I had a very successful trip to Adanami in London! No copies of Kiki, sadly.

Volume one and three?

Yeah, sadly no copies of volume 2 in stock. I’ll get ahead of the curve!

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Hi, everyone. I’ve bought the book and want to read it. Can I become a member of this club?

I ordered the book this morning, it should be delivered on tuesday/wednesday.
You can count me in in this session !

I did not read every post but I’ve seen people talking about different versions for this book, does anyone know about the main differences ? Is it only furigana ?

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I’ve not only got the book, I’m cheating and reading ahead a bit. :slight_smile: Mine is the red-cover furigana edition. I scanned, enlarged, and printed out the first chapter and took it with me last week on my Thanksgiving vacation, and have so far gotten through about 4 pages, understanding probably 95% of it with extensive use of a dictionary.

It’s slow going, for sure, but at the same time very interesting — I love the imagery, and I’m already sucked into the story. I’m looking forward to participating, though a little daunted at getting through 240 pages of it!

I’d like to repeat the suggestion that when we actually begin, we have a separate thread for each chapter. There are going to be a lot of posts and a lot of questions, and it’s going to be impossible to find anything if we lump it all into one giant thread, particularly since we don’t all have the same page numbers to refer to.


So we are starting 魔女の宅急便 this Sunday, did I get this right? Who is willing to start the thread?

I guess a poll to decide this beforehand could be made on the new thread.


It was never decided. According to the poll there are people who will not be ready by then.
We started looking for the next book much too late so there wasn’t much time for people to get their book yet.

But lets make a more specific poll.
Even if 3rd wins, we should consider later date if enough votes for it, as those votes counts more (they risk being left behind)

When do you want to start? (I am assuming Sundays)

  • The 3rd
  • The 10th
  • The 17th

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Do you want separate threads per chapter?

  • Yes
  • No

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I went ahead and made the discussion thread for 魔女の宅急便

If we decide on doing separate threads for each chapter, we can either make that the discussion thread for the first chapter or make it like the “魔女の宅急便 homepage” to have links to all the discussion threads in the same place



Oh ok, I thought it was only a one week break.
I don’t mind if it starts later, I am a patient person. (by that I mean procrastinative)

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Looks good! =D

We haven’t started making a members list yet, since the current one here is still for Yotsuba.
Should we have the Kiki members list on the new thread? It does make sense to do so =)

That was the original plan. The voting just started a little late and took longer than anticipated. I think 10th is the most appropriate start date. We’ll see what the vote says =)

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Added a members list :slight_smile: (I also went ahead and added you in it as having the book - is that correct?)

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Yes, thank you! =D

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Please add me :smile:

lone tear slides down cheek because ordered yotsuba book hasn’t even arrived yet

Lol, I’m probably going to be behind schedule on everything but still lurk around every thread.


I’m going to be myself to this next book discussion as a “guest member”. I say this because I’m choosing to abstain from the polls and cannot guarantee that I will as active on the thread as I am in the other book club thread. I’m participating because I need to kick my reading into high gear.


From the vote it is clear we will not start on the third.
But I’d like to know just what people think about the 10th.
It seems like most will be ready by then, but I don’t want to leave people too far behind.
So this is mostly aimed for those who don’t have it yet, to see just how far away they believe their copy are =)

Will you be ready for the 10th?

  • I am ready now
  • I should have it by then
  • I might have it by then or just after
  • It should arrive shortly after, I can catch up
  • It might arrive much later, I will not be able to catch up

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You’re a poll-addict =)