Beginner Japanese Book Club (Now: 少女終末旅行 | Next: ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂)


My problem with making a formal club is that it takes a lot more time to maintain than a casual thread. If you are actually motivated to do it, by all mean, it could be fun as you said. But I think it’s easier for everyone to just keep it more relaxed.



It feels like it’d be easier without the whole proposing and voting and organization for the purpose of proposing and voting, but I also think people are somewhat less inclined to participate and read things they’re only half interested in when there’s no democratic process that makes people feel somewhat obligated somehow?
Psychological manipulation is one of the most useful tools of a formal book club >_>



Kinokuniya is telling me 18 dollars after shipping so the Amazon choice is sounding to be worth it since it says it has free shipping. At that point I think it’s worth it for me to pay 2 extra dollars for the certainty. Thanks everyone, by the way. (Not sure if I’m making that choice.)

Also the book club politics are really interesting to read.

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Just keep in mind that if you’re looking for the book club, ゆるキャン△ doesn’t seem to be the one that’s going to win!

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Isn’t getting more options for what to read good? :smile:



It might not be too much work if we do the halfway-between version. That is, rather than doing week-by-week / chapter-by-chapter discussions, just discuss one volume a month or something like that.



You’re tearing this family APART

I actuallt would love to have several concurrent book clubs but I just don’t think everyone has the same time I do and groups with 30 people are more fun than groups with 3.



Also, don’t listen to @QuackingShoe, you should read Yuru Camp anyway.

Out of stock in the store, but they have ways of finding things. The branch here in Australia does, anyway, constantly turning up things that the website says is out of stock.



How about: a group of people who weren’t going to participate in the current book club participating in the other one is more fun than just doing nothing. :joy:



Personally, I barely have enough time to read Aria and 時をかける少女. More options are theoretically better, but if people are interested in a bunch of the books and are lower level and/or busy, they’d be missing out.

What did you specifically want to read? I wasn’t sure if your comment was specifically because of 放浪息子 or a general statement.



In general.
I do want to read 放浪息子, but it’s not close to winning. I’m fine with any manga of the top ones.
I also skipped 夏目友人帳, but I think we were still going with Yotsuba during that one, so I didn’t really notice.



Well I’ll be sure to @ everyone that voted for it when I make the general discussion topic for 放浪息子 and we can discuss as a group how we want to read it. As I said, I think a more laid back style of discussion may be better so it’s not as actively competing with the “official” books.



I didn’t vote for 放浪息子, but I’d still be potentially be interested in reading it with you guys. Can you @ me as well if anything should start happening?

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I’ll try to remember. Keep an eye out for it though. I’ll probably create the thread within the next week, after I create the new thread for the actual winner.



Sure, no problem



Yeah, it has already been brought up as a possibility there =)
It was a good choice for something easier when this was the only beginner club with no lower tiers, but I completely agree now that we do have a lower one that is where it belongs =)

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wow u guys are hardcore readers

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I can’t tell you how magical this is. No longer is the OP filled with line after line of “beginner-japanese-book-club-now-taking-nominations-currently-reading-%E3%81%AE%E3%82%93%E3%81%AE%E3%82%93%E3%81%B3%E3%82%88%E3%82%8A”.



Hey, I just saw that the URL had a thread ID, and decided to see what’d happen if I deleted the thread title from in between.



Yeah, I knew they had fixed IDs, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that you’d be able to get rid of the title text :sweat_smile: it would have taken seconds to test… anyway, this and the Intermediate OP are both now beautiful. On to the reading resources thread!

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