Beginner Japanese Book Club (Now: 少女終末旅行 | Next: ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂)


Yep, and as I mentioned I skipped right over that version because of the cover too. I wish they wouldn’t change the covers just to promote movie adaptions… ぶつぶつ


gazes sadly at Penguin Highway


I know a certain somebody who got a copy with the cover you wanted. :eyes:


No! :open_mouth:

Then I am determined to find a copy!


You should probably try getting it used. :wink:


Here is the main thread for 時をかける少女.


Pretty sure my local Kinokuniya only has the Tsubasa Bunko edition. I’ll be buying that one, cause ordering one book online is too much trouble. (Or at least, they did have it when I was there last. Website is currently saying it’s out. Have we bought out Kinokuniya’s entire supply? :stuck_out_tongue:)


What’s the recommended WK level to be at before attempting to read the works in the beginner club?


WaniKani level doesn’t matter at all if the book has furigana (and the next book does if you buy the suggested version). It’s much more important that you have a solid foundation in grammar (At least N5 and part of N4).


You can officially set your participation status for 時をかける少女!


Actually my second hand Penguin Highway came with TWO covers, the movie picture over an earlier version. So you might get lucky. :slight_smile:


I got me my 時をかける少女!

Tragically, the last なぜ?どうして? volume 2 was sold on Thursday, and it’s going to be ten days until a new one arrives. Considering the thread is up to 384 unread posts in three days, it’s gonna be ridiculously long by the time another ten days passes. 1 and 3 were on the shelf…


I can’t for the life of me remember if I officially joined this group, but I’ve had my eye on 時をかける少女 for a good while so I’m joining you all properly then.


You have now. :slightly_smiling_face:


so i’d like to join in for 時をかける少女 - this is my first
book club though. i bought the book, what next? is there a wiki page to edit? is there a user list?


Check out the link in the first post which is specifically for this book. That “home thread” post has the reading schedule and a poll to mark that you’re going to read along.


I’m still impatiently waiting for mine to arrive in the mail…!


My なぜ?どうして? finally arrived at Kinokuniya today (just got nine hundred posts in the thread to catch up on now), but I also decided to pick up Penguin Highway while I was there. It’s a chunky book, innit?


Certainly a few more words in there than in なぜ?どうして?:joy:

By the way, I was able to see the movie Penguin Highway in Perth last week, not sure if it is being distributed nationally but might be worth searching for. I only found it by accident.


Was it good?!