Beginner Japanese Book Club (Currently Reading: 時をかける少女 | Next: 少女終末旅行 | Then: ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂)


And, you know, building Kitsun. :stuck_out_tongue:


You read much more quickly than I do then. :joy:


Possibly? I love reading, so :books: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:





… how does that help neicul read more?!

Also, awww, you guys are doing the Pancreas book? I hope there’s enough interest still for it to win in the Intermediate Club at some point. I want to read it too.


recommends not reading the second option to avoid splitting the group.
reads the third option.

that came out wrong. Hm.


Because even parsed decks have a lot to improve? :man_shrugging: Every time I look to my FloFlo decks I get this urge of going “Core 10k” on them (i.e. improving them).

Oh, no. I don’t intend on helping this new book club happen :rofl: I planned on reading it by myself :slight_smile:


I meant that you should but somehow couldn’t work that in the meme-ish flow of my post. So it came out as if I meant you were actually planning to do so.
My brain is running on fumes right now. Bed awaits.


Oh, the latter wasn’t aimed at you, sorry. I just didn’t have anyone specific to direct it at :grin: t’was a general lament!

@Naphthalene yeah, I got that that’s what you were going for after thinking about it for a minute or so :joy: hence deleting my post. Thanks for all your work setting up the Kino thread :blush:


I’d team up with you to renominate it, after the current picks are done! I really want to read it but won’t have the time to do two books at once.

…heck I’m still three chapters behind on 時をかける少女 after I missed three weeks at Christmas. (… as it turns out the solution to being behind on reading is to sit ones butt in a chair and read. Imagine that.)


I feel super ignorant saying this, but i dont even know what discord is :see_no_evil:

That being said, i like the idea of a separate thread as well. Also thanks for waiting :grin:

No, dont see it as splintering! :cry: i for one am still reading with both book clubs. Its just that i really want to read that too and if i can read it with others, all the better :wink:


Oh I understand. If someone randomly decided to read a book I was really interested in, I’d try to join in too.


Discord is a voice/chat messaging site/program. I think there one already exists for one of the Book Clubs. If anyone wanted to do that out-loud group reading that someone else proposed it would be easy to do it there. Though I think we have a lot of different time zones here so not sure if that’s possible.

@neicul :star_struck: グッドタイミング!

@QuackingShoe I’m fine with going fast but idk what fast really means. Of the 3 Japanese books I have read to date: 時をかける少女 was 10 days; ペンギン・ハイウェイ was more than a month but I was also traveling a lot at that time; 魔女の宅急便 was 10 days as well.

But I mean, I also wasn’t discussing anything or really nitpicking sentences I didn’t understand. So I’m sure I’d go a lot slower for Book Club. We can do a poll to judge what every one is comfortable with.

Okay let’s make a separate WK post. Does anyone want to volunteer to make it? I can but I don’t have as good experience formatting posts as some of the people here.


I just copy pasted the one from the beginner book club (go to one of the resent home thread, reply to the OP, quote all) then replaced the relevant info. Most of everything you need (well everything except the schedule) should be available in the nomination post/OP of the intermediate book club.

(You can also do without a schedule if you plan to have a more relaxed setting)


@lopicake Yeah, there’s also the style like ご注文はうさぎですか miscellaneous discussion and Sword Art Online miscellaneous discussion for a more relaxed discussion if you don’t want week to week discussions.


Oh perfect, yeah I’d rather not do such a structured week-by-week method if I can help it.

:0 You sit on a throne of lies.

Alright, made the post: 君の膵臓を食べたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) Book Discussion

I’ll edit it more later.


But I’m giving proper acknowledgement! :open_mouth:

Plus, I like it best when things look uniform.


Haha, in my head I thought you all were just really good at formatting things. My whole world have been shattered. (jk)


Mmmhmmmmm :heart_eyes:


My books arrived! :tada:

Aaaah, so excited ^^ if it’s helpful to anyone, my CDJapan order to the UK took 13 days (9 working).