Beginner Japanese Book Club (Currently Reading: 時をかける少女 | Next: 少女終末旅行 | Then: ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂)


@seanblue @Radish8 I definitely missed that! voted! two weeks of pause would be nice…

@jprspereira @Naphthalene:

class BetterDay extends Day {

    public void onMinuteChange() {
        if (this.getTime().is("12.00am")) {
            Thread.sleep(4 * 60 * 60 * 1000);


This hack should work. I’ll open a PR shortly.


Shall we found a company named Extension and patent this? @Naphthalene, you’re in? We’ll change it to Extensio just for you.


But why, though :thinking:


Y-You’re the one with a BIO written in Korean!!


Then make it extendere
But extensio (which is late err Korean I guess) does sound better.


Only downside with two weeks is that is has us resuming right when 少女終末旅行 starts. But otherwise I don’t care much between a one and two week break.




Oh, so you’ve only read 3 of the aria manga books so far? I could still catch up… I might try =P


3 of the Masterpiece version, meaning technically Aqua 1 and 2, and Aria 1-4.

Which version do you have?


I have the non masters, but I finished Aqua, so still not too bad =P


You should catch up so that Naph isn’t the only person reading the original edition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I ordered the new book, but will skip the manga.
In the meantime I try to read the old book as I did not have time to study when you decided for that book (really wanted to read it for a long time :grin:)


I want to be in the club


All you gotta do is grab a copy of the book you want to join in with :wink:

We’ll be starting Girls’ Last Tour on the 2nd of March. If you check out the Home Thread for that manga you’ll find links to purchase it, and you can also indicate that you’re going to be joining us in the membership poll.

We’re also going to be reading The Mysterious Sweet Shop Zenitendou from around the beginning of May.


I’m gonna skip out on the manga but I already picked up The Mysterious Sweet Shop Zenitendou on my lunch break. Also got one of the Intermediate nominees. (Still gonna read it even if it it isn’t picked.)

I’m going to try my best to actually participate this time. I read 時をかける少女 within the first week so I lost interest about the discussion. I’ll try to read Sweet Shop on the same schedule as everyone else so I have something to talk about each week. :slight_smile:


Which book in the intermediate did you get?


The book on the right, 君の膵臓を食べたい/I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. Since I heard it’s popular and there’s a movie adaption, figured I might as well check it out and know what the kiddies are all on about. Haha. Even my coworker knew what it was when he saw me buy it.

I was also coerced into getting the 2nd volume of Zenitendou so hopefully it’s good.


Well if it isn’t chosen in the intermediate and you still read it, let me know, I might be tempted to read it with you if you’re cool with that :grin:


Seconded. I am the one who nominated it after all :wink: (no pressure)


@Kyayna @sloa123 Oh no, the book clubs are going to get even more fractured than they already are, haha.

But yeah, for sure. : )