Beginner Japanese Book Club (Currently Reading: 夏目友人帳, Reading Next: 時をかける少女)


Oh! I want to share too =^_^=
I have shown my shelves before, but focused in on the Japanese reading material this time =)

My Graded readers are with my study material:

These are just too tall to fit anywhere else: (note: only two are in Japanese)

My Main Japanese Manga/Book shelf. Billy Book shelf from IKEA, tailored to perfect shelf size :wink:
I like having double set in the two middle shelves. Note some of the duplicates are English, and some on top shelf.

Latest ones have started a new shelf :wink:

Also, managed to read through the first manga we are doing while it was still free. A quick read through without looking up so missed a good bit, but better than nothing :wink:


That is a lot of books!


My shelves are actually stacked two deep, with one row of books in front of the other. I try not to think about the total cost of all of them…


Here are my actual bookshelves. I’ve limited myself to only one shelf for Japanese books. Of course, this doesn’t include the current book club stack.

Well, half of the bookshelves in that room…


Was the かんなぎ manga any good?


I haven’t read it yet, but it looks really cute! :persevere:
It’s a series I managed to find nearly complete (8 of 12) in a US used bookstore. It has furigana and uses different fonts, which should be great for reading practice.


Im still new to learning japanese, should i pick up a book and try to read it? not sure if i even reached that level yet lol but I dont know how difficult they can be.


How long have you been learning Japanese and what grammar studies have you done?

You could try looking at some of the samples for the upcoming books here and here and decide based on that.


Got のんのんびより vol 1 now. But hell, it looks difficult :scream:


From the first few chapters, it looks like のんのんびより will be slightly harder than Aria the Masterpiece.

Comedies are probably harder in general because the jokes can be difficult to understand.


Well, it turns out that once I cleaned things up, sorted a few things out and gave a few things away that my manga collection isn’t anywhere near as much of a problem as I thought it was once I got a new bookshelf just for Japanese stuff.


Hello, I bought のんのんびより and would like to join the reading group.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading along with us! Check out the home thread for the manga to see the full schedule and more.


I’m prepping two or three more nominations for next round, but I figure I should wait until we’re at least a few weeks into reading Non Non Biyori before nominating them…


By the way, when going to bookoff yesterday, I noticed non non biyori was in the “popular” section. So the global market tendencies may not be entirely due to the book club :stuck_out_tongue:


But it’s more fun to think it’s because of us. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe we are influencers. People saw on the Internet it was getting hot, started reading it and got hooked.


I had to temporarily remove access to the vocab sheets for Aria and Non Non Biyori. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Access has been restored. Let me know if you have any problems.

EDIT 2: And FYI, I may do this one more time tomorrow to clean something up.


Is anyone planning to nominate additional manga/books for next round of voting?


Did you say that you read some of 約束のネバーランド / The Promised Neverland? If so, what did you think of the difficulty?

I read through ~30 pages or so of it and it seemed really interesting, has great reviews, and didn’t seem too difficult either (tbh のんのんびより has seemed more challenging thus far :laughing:), so I was thinking of nominating it ^^