Beginner Japanese Book Club // Currently Reading: ハイキュー! 🏐 Haikyuu! // Next: FukaBoku+Nichijou

april, 17(one week after the last week of the other one)


Wow, I didn’t bother to look up what FukaBoku was about because, honestly, the cover was also a little off-putting to me. But I’ll definetily join now that I know it tackles lgbt+ issues and even has a nonbinary protagonist!


Glad you have a solution that works for you. I’m also considering the fact that shipping to Sweden from Japan would be pretty high (I much much much prefer manga to be paper), so I’d want to buy many at once. So kinda no matter how I slice it, I’ll either buy few books and get a very high shipping charge for a small package, or I break my ban in a big way.

So I think that it will be a no for me this time. D:
But I’ll look forward to reading those mangas later and having the book club as assistance some time in the future.


It has six chapters right? At one chapter a week, that would be:

20 Feb - 26 Feb: chapter 1
27 Feb - 5 Mar: chapter 2
6 Mar - 12 Mar: chapter 3
13 Mar - 19 Mar: chapter 4
20 Mar - 26 Mar: chapter 5
27 Mar - 2 April: chapter 6

Wouldn’t it start on April 10th then? If you leave one week in between?

That’s definitely fair. This time I get to buy several book club picks at once, but last time I didn’t want to spend that much on shipping for just one book…so I made the financially questionable decision of buying a sweater and some accessories at the same time, which of course made everything much more expensive than if I’d just bought the book by itself :sweat_smile: I adore my new sweater though, so no regrets. Living near a Japanese book shop would be so nice…

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i looked at the table in the book’s main thread. chapter one is broken into two weeks!

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Ah, I missed that link. Cheers!

Same! I ordered 7 to save a little on shipping to Norway =P
We used to have a free option, slow shipping, but free… I miss it :pensive:


The first three volumes of this are currently free on Amazon.