Beginner Japanese Book Club // Currently Reading: シメジシミュレーション

With how I’ve mentioned the series a ton of times on the forums, there’s obviously no way I won’t mention in every thread where I’ve mentioned the series that the first volume of 不可解なぼくのすべてを is currently free on bookwalker and booklive(and 100% points back instead on kindle). Other than that there’s also a small sale on the second volume :slight_smile:

(I also remember that more people than I thought would voted for it in the previous poll, so seemed worth mentioning :slight_smile: )


Yeah, I actually thought it might win / sneak in second at one point :cry:


I don’t know if I’ll have the necessary reading skills by then, but I’d love to read 「ハイキュー!!」 since I love the anime (my profile pic speaks by itself). I think I’ll try to join the next Absolute Beginners Book Club (in November) and hopefully, I’ll be able to read 「ハイキュー!!」with you guys as well. Although I think it’s a bit tough to read two books simultaneously for someone who has never read a real book in Japanese :sweat_smile:


Usually there are very helpful vocab lists and advanced learners who can answer all your grammar questions, so I think that once we get to ハイキュー it might really be able to propel you forward in your learning! I look forward to seeing how it treats you when the time comes. :smiley:


Nice :grin:
I’ll try to enhance my grammar until then since that’s what usually hits me the most. I’m a little bit perfectionist when it comes to reading so I end up losing a lot of time trying to understand everything and I give up in the end. I think it might be a bit challenging, but let’s see how it goes.


We’ve just started Shimeji Simulation!

If you’d like to try it out without committing to the full thing, you can read the first two chapters for free on comic.pixiv. That will let you join in with the first two weeks of the book club - if you want to keep going, you can purchase the eBook at that point :slightly_smiling:


Hello hello hello…

We need a volunteer to run Haikyuu!!

I won’t be reading the next manga, so I need a volunteer who would be happy to run the club. I’m totally happy to provide any guidance needed, although you’ll need to have participated in a previous Beginner Book Club pick.

It starts on the 12th of December, so the home thread needs to go up sooner rather than later, but I can make the skeleton of that at least if we aren’t able to sort something out in the next few days.

A glance at the contents suggests it will take about eight weeks, so you’d be finishing up around the first week of February.

Please be honest about your level of enthusiasm for doing this, so that if we have multiple volunteers it’s clear whether some of them were reluctant offers and whether some were super keen :grin:


I’m excited for Haikyuu since it has been decided on. Already bought the ebook yesterday. :grin: So I definitely want to read it with the book club. I’d be willing to run Haikyuu if no one more proficient in running book clubs wants to do it. :raising_hand_woman:


do you need to fill all the vocab sheets yourself?
If not i can do it too.


Nope! Vocab sheets are always supposed to be a collective endeavour.


(removed ------)

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I know this poll isn’t for real voting, but I just couldn’t resist :wink:


so you won’t read it?

Nope, I’m avoiding new long series for now. I just felt the urge to vote in a poll when I saw one :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure how much of it the book club is planning to read, but 45 volumes is too long of a series for me. Even if the book club only reads a few volumes, I would want to finish it on my own later.

i think the plan is to read the first volume. it can continue as an off-shoot(is that the word?) club.

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I’m actually curious if the off-shot book club will emerge :stuck_out_tongue: But I myself just don’t like starting and reading only one/few volumes and then leaving something (if I like it), so I’m especially cautious with new long things, because I just know my completionist tendencies will kick in. :laughing:


shouldn’t you tag Sylph?

12th December – awesome! The semester is ending by then so I should be able to read along with the club :smiley:

this is just a draft i’m not even sure i should have posted here…i think i f**d up. guess will see in 24h