Beginner Japanese Book Club // Currently Reading: シメジシミュレーション

SQUEEE! It’s sooo cute! hahaha! thanks for the tip.

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neato eh?

little Easter Eggs…

but …only for those of us that bought the paper book! I need to buy the rest of the set now!

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@FlamySerpent I have downloaded booklive now but I can’t seem to select any text. I should mention, though, so far I’ve only bought one hana to yume issue (so I guess it definetly doesn’t work with mangas) and I downloaded sample pages for Kino’s Journey.

What books did you buy/download so far (maybe ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂)? And how do you select text? I’d appreciate your help :persevere:

@NicoleRauch In case you’re interested, I tried but I don’t think it is possible to read books bought on booklive on any reader but their own, sadly.

@liannallama Thanks for letting us know about the stickers. Seems like a few people here are jealous. :laughing: For me personally, neither stickers nor any other extras have any impact on my purchase decision and wether to buy a hard copy or the digital version. :wink:

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Thank you for the heads up! I had suspected that tbh… So for me, bookwalker it is for the time being.

Yeah, it doesn’t work with mangas because they’re pictures, I guess, and it doesn’t work with samlpes (which is fair too). But it allows you to select text once you buy a book, I was confused by it first time too:3 And for selecting you just hold and drag, nothing complicated


Zenitendou home thread is now live!

The home thread for the book we’ll be reading next after Girls’ Last Tour (Zenitendou, The Mysterious Sweet Shop) is now live.

It includes:

  • information about the schedule
  • links to sample pages
  • links to purchase the book
  • a membership poll

We should be starting this pick on the 4th of May. Hope to see you there!


And May the Fourth be with you.


As I was posting the home thread I thought to myself what an auspicious date it was to be starting on… :wink:


Psst! Master List of Book Clubs

I was bound to forget something :sweat_smile: linked! Should I add the start date, or do you want to keep it simple?

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Nope, let’s keep the master list simple.


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Got this today :smile: Along with other manga (absolute beginner). Was out of stock when I was going to buy it before… so thought…meh why not :wink: and man this looks so much easier than our current read :rofl:

Sadly no stickers though …but there is also an Easter egg :cat: in the lower left corner in Vol 2.


Is everyone buying ふしぎねこ? :stuck_out_tongue:


no I am not.

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I’m a dog person… But it’s just too cute hehe


ふしぎねこ is the best!


We have officially started reading Zenitendou! :tada:

For those who are a bit confused, I’ll be posting the discussion threads around this time each week (hopefully a bit earlier, actually), so that those far to the east can enjoy reading from the very moment they wake up on Saturday morning :wink:

And now… to bed I go :grin:


Alright! We should probably start thinking about what we’re going to read next, so if there’s anything you’d like to nominate please try to get it up in the next week or so.

I’ll probably open voting on the 24th - that should give us enough time to vote and set up the new thread in time for people to order the next book.

Please do read through the guidelines for nominating if there’s something you’d like to propose, but anybody is welcome to make a nomination :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I might nominate something, but probably not until next next round. I can’t read another thing right now. :sweat_smile:


Did we ever nominate 霧のむこうのふしぎな町? Because that sounds like a very nice book for the club.