Beginner Japanese Book Club // Coming Soon: The Way of the Househusband

Those sample pages look quite a bit like Toshihiko Kobayashi’s art style. In which case, is the humour 90% derived from him accidentally walking in on her in the bath and getting slapped for his troubles?

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Heh, not quite, but along the lines :slight_smile:

Spoilers galore

Actually, she is taking quite an active role in making him embarrassed, and initially I was quite worried whether this would go down the slippery slope (which I don’t need at all), but so far, everything is fine!
The funniest embarrassment so far: The teacher is expecting to move in with his senpai, but the senpai is on an extended business trip, and the girl (his daughter) wants the new teacher to move into her place (which he tries to refuse because omg and what will the neighbours think), so she already told the neighbours up-front that he is a relative and invites them to a welcome party for him. All neighbours are really happy to see him there “so that finally somebody can take care of the girl” and of course he is very embarrassed because of this lie and the constellation and everything.


I guess we’d need to decide before voting…? Or maybe it would be better to wait and see whether it wins, and then those who plan to read it can decide…

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Yeah. I guess we can vote on that later if it wins. I sure hope it does!
Random rambling: since I have read the original version, I feel it might be nice to read the complete edition… but I did so before I knew you should check under the dust jacket for bonus stuff, so the original version still has things to offer :thinking:


Ai Yazawa still has my heart because of Nana, so I’d be keen to give this a read.


When are you guys voting on the next book?

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I was just wondering that too since we’re half way done with this one.

I was going to open it this weekend but I went on a last-minute holiday :grin:

Let’s say we’ll open voting on Wednesday (26th), with the intention to close it on Sunday or sooner if voting has dried up.

Can somebody edit the title for me?

Beginner Japanese Book Club - Now Rating Samples! (Currently Reading: 銭天堂)

I’m still working on regaining my regular status :unamused: but I’ll add the new nominations to the OP this evening.

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It’s a little odd that you can’t change the title since it’s a wiki…

I thought it was weird too. Seemingly I can change everything about the content, but not the title? Maybe I’ll try again…

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Yes yes I know I’m super late :joy:



I’ve added the new nominations we’ve had to the OP and will open the voting in a few hours :blush: last chance to read the samples and vote on difficulty!

@NicoleRauch - just wanted to check that the English title I gave yours makes sense?!


Turns out that Ao is the name of the girl that‘s depicted on the cover, so I would probably go with „Ao‘s Island and a Cat“ or „…and One Cat“ - whatever you prefer :slight_smile:

Right, from looking at the cover I kind of suspected that might be the case :grin:


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Vote for the next book now!

Please look under “Current Proposals” in the first post for more details on each of the options - the nominations contain short summaries and sample pages.

Each option has been assigned a difficulty score based on club members voting, where 1 indicates “no effort at all” and 5 indicates “impossible even with help”. This is noted in the poll below. These scores aren’t perfect comparisons - different people might vote on each one! - so if you have time take a look at the sample pages for options you’re interested in.

We will likely begin reading on 10th August, one week after we finish reading 銭天堂. If a short manga wins first place we will also read the second place option straight afterwards.

The poll will be closed this Sunday or sooner if voting has dried up. Please vote for a maximum of 4 options!

  • Nordic Girl Åsa [Manga] [2.47]
  • One Week Friends [Manga] [2.35]
  • Ao’s Island and a Cat [Manga] [2.62]
  • Neighbourhood Story [Manga] [2.70]
  • Laid-Back Camp [Manga] [2.76]
  • Haikyuu!! [Manga] [2.63]
  • Naruto [Manga] [2.79]
  • Dragonball [Manga] [2.94]
  • Attack on Titan [Manga] [2.79]
  • Great Detective Conan [Manga] [3.33]
  • Scary Lessons [Book] [3.29]
  • Porepore Nikki! [Book] [3.00]

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And if someone could change the title that would be swell :unamused:

[Voting Now!] Beginner Japanese Book Club (Currently Reading: 銭天堂)

Thanks @Kazzeon :purple_heart:


Are we still going for the top two if a manga wins?

Voted! Thanks Radish!

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Doesn’t it depend more on the number of weeks than the medium? For example, if Aria the Masterpiece won now we wouldn’t take the second choice since it’s longer.

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I think if it’s a short manga, yes? Not certain about some of the newer ones, but e.g. Laid-Back Camp only has 5 or 6 chapters.

Heh, yep, like seanblue said.