Beating 2500 reviews on the way to lvl 60

Hello fellow turtle burners - this post serves a double purpose.

  1. Public-shaming myself into continuing the current crazy rhythm of 4-day short post-50 levels till I reach level 60 in about one month

  2. Offering consolation to people who also got stuck with 2000+ reviews.

The story is in the stats… a lot of work in June and July combined with August vacation left me with 2500+ reviews, more than 1200 apprentice, and nightmares about sea reptile crustaceans (it is the 50-day level in the stats).

Long story short, with reorder script and a concentrated attack on apprentice items, I got over the 2500 review hump in about 3 weeks of hard work. Can be done! Also for the love of crab, do not snub vacation mode. There is no shame in it (I wish I had used it).



Well done!

My method when I get a huge review pile is to order by level and work my way up. Every day I clear the reviews which come back from lower levels, and do a few more from higher levels.


Nice job! I wish you can achieve your goal as soon as posible =)

Business trip derailment. Still advancing but the 3-day levels created another heap of about 800 reviews pretty quickly, so I had to readjust. Huuuuge respect to the people who finish off WK within a year, the rhythm is relentless! My reviews are back to the daily ~200s which is manageable. Four more levels to go.

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