Batch bookmark save (offline)

This is unrelated to WK but I’m always so impressed by the tech-savviness of the people in this community so I wanted to throw out a “want” that I’ve always had. I’ve always wanted to be able to save webpages for offline use. 

Okay, sure you can ctrl+s to save the webpage but, each time, it requires you to title the HTML and its folder dependencies, find a directory to save in, wait for the save to complete and during that time you can’t exit out of the tab until it’s 100% done for whatever reason. It takes time when you have a lot of reference. I’d rather just be able to save a bunch of bookmark pages under a folder in my bookmarks and batch it all out at once. Not the whole bookmark manager mind you, but just a specific folder where I have a subset of files.

 I figured, if there was anyone that I could ask that might know something that already existed, it would probably be you all. In my google chrome-related searching, I’ve only come up with google dev group forums and each of them basically go “heh, why would you want that?” or they go inactive before resolving.

tl;dr - is there a way to batch save a folder of webpage bookmarks so that you can have offline backups of webpages? Evernote and Instapaper are great but they aren’t meant for batch purposes.

Make sure to give it cookie access for sites you have to login into:

Very good Guppie. Let’s hope OP will read it!