Baseball terms

I don’t follow baseball. I have nothing against the sport, but I also have absolutely no interest in learning about it. My country doesn’t care about baseball. だから、I know absolutely nothing about baseball terminology. So, if anyone have any tip on how to internalize things like 塁打 since I have absolutely no clue about what is a ‘single’, it would greatly diminish my frustrations during reviews. =D


I have absolutely no interesting in learning about it either. 塁打 isn’t that bad, is it? Its meaning is literally its kanji. However, 犠打 and 犠飛 annoyed me a little. What helped me was doing a bit of research about what these terms meant in baseball, and watching videos like this or this to see the play in action. Once I understood why it was called a sacrifice hit, the vocabulary wasn’t so hard anymore. It also made baseball a little more interesting, which helps me tolerate these items, I think.

Funny related story: on the week I was given 犠打 to learn, it came up as a question at a bar trivia night I went to with my mates. You’ll never know when you need the knowledge …


Okay, I admit I might need to put a little bit more effort into it, but I watched the second video, the actual baseball one, and I have no idea what’s going on lol. But thanks anyway, at least it is something to look into. And, well, I got 19 more levels to go waiting for the introduction of the football/soccer terms when it will be my time to shine during reviews.


Uh…who’s going to tell him? :neutral_face:


They should also teach video game terminology like 残機


The gist of it is that there’s an unfair advantage for the batter to hit a ball high and far into the outfield (a fly ball) while base runners begin running to their next base, because it delays when outfielders can throw the ball back to infielders to touch runners before they reach the next base. To compensate for this, at the time a fly ball is caught, any base runners not on their original base can be outed by touching their original base with ball in hand. So, runners are compelled to stay on their original base until the fly ball is at least caught (tagging up).

Keeping that in mind, a sacrifice fly is when the batter hits a fly ball that is caught and outs them (the sacrifice). However, because it’s so far away from the baserunners (especially 3rd base), as long as they were on their original base when the ball was caught (they “tagged up”), they aren’t compelled to stay on it and can try to score. This is exactly what you saw in that second video.

I learned this literally two weeks ago. Hopefully this conversation has burned the meaning of that vocabulary into your mind. :smiley:

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Well, I wouldn’t say ‘burned’, but it is definitely a starting point. But now I have to look into a few baseball terms in English to understand some others in Japanese, and I swear that from now on I’ll be a lot more patient when explaining basic terminology about the sports I follow to someone who knows nothing about it because now I know exaclty how they feel.


There is also the option, that many before you have used, to add a random synonym for all baseball related terms and just not learn them. :wink:

If you DO wanna learn them, I suggest picking up a random baseball anime to watch. you’ll encounter all of these terms then. :slight_smile:

My recommendation is One Outs, which is a pretty darn great anime, imo. ^>^ it’s not just about baseball, but rather high stakes gambling. XD


You will never get past second base with me, then


I would really appreciate that =)

On a serious note:

Japan is Asia’s strongest soccer playing nation; its record of qualifying for every World Cup since 1998 bests Italy’s performance.

Hmm, so where are all the サッカー terms, Wanikani???

Oh, that’s why.
They are literally all in katakana :joy:


It saddens me a bit that there is so little love for the sport here. Its no secret that baseball is declining in popularity with the younger generation, but it really is a great game and still extremely popular in japan.

FWIW, I’ve as little interest in video game references as others have in the baseball terminology.

I’ll trade you 塁打 and 生還 for 塊魂.


There’s also the matter of qualifying from each conference. In AFC, you compete against South Korea, Australia, and Iran. In UEFA, you compete against France, Germany, and England, all of whom has won at least 1 World Cup.

I do believe it might be a great game but, well, I’m from Brazil. Aside from soccer, we had the NBA fever in the Jordan era, and lately the NFL has been gaining ground especially amongst people from my generation (mid to late 30s), but baseball is something almost exclusive to the Japanese community (which is quite large in places like São Paulo, where I live). The MLB is broadcasted and all, I’m sure there’s a lot of people who follows it, but personally I’ve never met anyone. But I know in the end it’s just a matter of interest, just wanted to point that it’s not like a pre-concept about the game itself. =)


But still, they’ve been playing the Asian qualifiers since the 1950 WC without any success until 1998. Their game improved a lot since the establishment of the J. League, which is actually quite an interesting and fun league to watch, and in the last WC they had a really nice team that was hindered by some bad choices from the coach.

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I could learn several words like this related to videogame just by watching gamecenter cx :grin:

get ready because world baseball classic is just around the corner and you will news about it daily :rofl:

And then there’s me who loves baseball and is happy to get all these baseball terms :joy: But even then, baseball is a huge sport in Japan, so I figure it’s like learning about literally any other part of Japanese culture. And I’m sure people use these words as metaphors too (similar to how I hear American football metaphors a lot). But I also understand people not caring about baseball at all lol

I’ve been thinking recently about asking for recommendations for some good baseball media so I can use the vocab from wanikani (other than, you know, actually watching Japanese baseball, which I’ve been thinking of looking into). I’ll check this anime out!


I wonder how Brazil escaped the bug. It’s so popular all over Latin America. And Brazil has such a huge Japanese expat community!

It must be something about Portuguese rather than Spanish! :smile:

I mean, sure, but “Japanese culture” can mean so many different things. It also includes Shinto, Buddhism or history, and there are people who ask “who is this Tokugawa guy and why should I care?”.

Football (soccer) is huge in Europe, but as a European I’m not sure I remember exactly what an offside is, just because it doesn’t interest me much. And when it comes to English, I’m familiar with some of the baseball metaphors, but I couldn’t tell you what exactly, technically, “second base” means, nor do I really need to.

There’s just some words on WK that I don’t bother learning the exact meaning of, apart from the baseball terms that also includes the different army ranks etc.