Bandwidth for scripts

I’m in a very low bandwidth situation atm, do the userscrips take a lot of bandwith to run or does all the processing happen on my computer?

I don’t know, but how about just do WK vanilla as it’s a great app even with all the user add ons. Surely you can complete a review session without these? :eyes: challenge! XD

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If it’s a well written script, it will only need to download stuff the first time you run it, afterwards everything else should mostly be done on your own computer. But of course, it depends on the userscript itself


What kind of functionalities / scripts are you using, that might concern bandwidths?

Otherwise, some mobile apps may have offline mode and syncing.

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I tried that the first time, I got to about level 15 before I needed some help. By the time I got to level 25 it was almost impossible to keep my sanity without scripts.

Flaming Durtles (for Android) has an offline mode as well as some of the more common scripts: sort by type/level/SRS rank, current-level items first, back-to-back mode, etc.

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Scripts are a great convenience. I use several daily.

But unless you are trying for a speed run, I can’t imagine any circumstance where anyone couldn’t go at least a few days without their scripts.

If you’re here for learning vs. trying to set a record, just go without.

To your specific question: scripts that pull down review records from the API consume the most data, especially on a new browser with a cold cache. This includes the Heatmap and Ganbarometer scripts off the top of my head (there are likely more).

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Yes, I am going for a “Speed run” as you say. I need to get to at least level 40 within a year because I aim to get a job over in Japan. I’m at a relatively senior career level so I want to be at least a JLPT2 level to compete with others in the job hunt. I work full time, have kids, and do other schooling so I only have about two hours a day for my two Japanese learning resources(Wanikani & Bunpro). In 2021 I got to Levels 25 in both WK and BP but now coming back from scratch I found that I lost a lot of recall since I didn’t use any of of the language on my break.

Reordering and double-check/typo scripts, for example, will help you get to WK 40 quickly for certain. Whether they are necessary (or even helpful) to memorize the kanji you need to pass JLPT2 is more of a debate. WK levels have only a tenuous relationship to JLPT scores, they certainly aren’t a guarantee.

Even considering your admirable goal and time constraints, I can’t imagine that a few days without scripts would jeopardize anything.

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Actually, the correct way is to make requests every single time you want any data so you aren’t making the API elves work too hard.

you forgot the part where you throw in some random requests just for the fun of it.


I am critical of Wanikani in some ways.

Ironically, one of the most useful scripts is Double-Check, for adding pause after right or wrong answers, auto-showing information, and disabling typo tolerance (shaking instead).

Natively, user synonyms can also sabotage the native web app, but there currently isn’t any script that fixes that.

About the more used functionalities of Double-Check; while remembering correct readings is certainly important, associating with “correct” meanings is debatable. (e.g. misleading? other meanings? literalness and adaptability?)

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