Balancing time and learning

Hi, all,

Almost to Level 8! But I find I spend a lot of hours on WaniKani a day, and I work full-time (not to mention other responsibilities). It’s made it hard to do anything else to study. Does it eventually slack off a bit? Or am I caught in a feedback loop of some sort?

It doesn’t really slack off. In fact, the work load keeps on increasing until about level 26. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, perhaps do fewer lessons at a time, so that your review queues don’t get too large.

Good to know. I didn’t know the two were related. Thanks!!

Not sure if there is anything special about level 26, but I would assume it gets harder only until you start burning? Then again when you hit the fast levels, of course.

Pretty much yea. And now that you mention it, I think it’s around level 20 not 26. Don’t know where I got that number. (^^)

I understand the struggle, I work a full-time job, and I go to school full-time so I struggle keeping up with WaniKani, but after my first attempt at WK (I had my level reset), I’ve paid more attention to certain things. First, SRS is based on what hour you complete the reviews at, no longer at 15 minute intervals, so if it’s noon that means you have a whole hour to complete your lessons to stay on the same pace. Second, If you don’t have a WK app for your phone, I recommend that, whenever I’m walking around I start working on it, and I could just be walking from my desk to the bathroom or from my car to the house. And lastly, there are some scripts that can help with how you can manage your time better, you just need to find which ones work for you.


If you want to reduce your workload but, of course, make progress then:

  1. your workload depends on how many items you have at lower levels. So keep working on decreasing that. People here recommend <100 on apprentice but you may want to go lower than that. Apprentice items repeat a lot and so add to the workload.

  2. Don’t do any new lessons until you feel you have got your workload under control. Lessons add new items and so increase the workload.

  3. Try to do more reviews during the day in smaller batches. This will move everything along quicker than say doing one huge review a day. The mobile phone app can help you knock off small batches during the day.

  4. If you come up against a few busy days at work, set yourself on vacation mode. This freezes everything. Don’t be afraid to use it if you are getting overwhelmed.

  5. This is not a race. As long as you are learning, then you are learning. Everyone has the pace that is right for them.

I also have a full-time job and found the above has helped me.

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They definitely are. After you decrease the amount of lessons you do it may take 1-2 weeks to notice a lighter load.

Also, if no one else has beaten me to this recommendation, grab rfindley’s Ultimate Timeline userscript so that you can plan when to come onto WK, and have more time between for other things. You’ll find it in the API section of the forums.

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Cool I will look that up. Thank you EVERYONE for the suggestions. I find it’s manageable if I keep my apprentice queue under 200 (I try to keep it to less than 150, but things still roll back downhill now and then).

Ironically, less time in WK is more beneficial, because I get the benefit of other tools and it’s really fun seeing “new” Kanji in WK that i’ve already met elsewhere or vice-versa.

I am also liking “Easy Japanese News.”

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