Bakugames' study and art log

It’s real to me, damn it! :crying_cat_face:

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Completely fair. I read some slice of life and not others.

Chi’s Sweet Home was my first manga in Japanese and by the end of it, I realized that while I learnt a lot, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Deep studying Chi’s Sweet Home was boring, because the whole premise is to be cute and a light read, which while it was cute, it was a hard read. And I realized Chi’s Sweet Home just didn’t work for me as a studying tool. If I’m ever in a library that happened to have it, I’d probably find a place to sit down and read it, because now I could read it much more easily and could appreciate what it is trying to be.

Which obviously does not fit your scenario exactly since I could see myself occasionally enjoying that fluffy slice of life manga about a kitten (because kitten!), but there are other slice of life manga that I will not read.


Haha I get you, it can be pretty frustrating for sure!

I don’t mind reading something I don’t enjoy because I already knew it was going to happen from my english learning experience: you have to compromise your interest on the books to progress, so that you learn enough ti read the ones you do like.

Plus, I’ve read entire books on political standpoints I completely disagreed with to properly make arguments before, reading some slice of life is not the worst thing in the world