Bakugames' study and art log

Hey there, welcome to Bakugames’ study and art log™©! This is a place for writing down my Japanese journey alongside my artistic one.

Here are some explanations before we go to the “log” part of this study and art log:

Why Japanese

I am Japanese-Brazilian, but I live in a state where most of the Japanese community assimilated, and very few of us have any contact with our ancestry and language. I wanted to connect to my culture once again, and learning Japanese was one of the first steps.

My background with Japanese

I’ve been on a wishy-washy journey with Japanese for a while now. I started my studies December '20, with Wanikani and self studying through Bunpro, Elementary Japanese, and other online resources. However, I found that self studying was not the best path for me, as I am a busy person who’s very bad at scheduling, and I lost track of myself quickly.

I ended up joining a class in August '21, and it has been much better for me overall. The constant feedback, weekly goals of homework and assignments and interactions with teacher and class have been extremely helpful, and I’m glad I took the test and made the switch.

My background with Wanikani

As mentioned above, I started wk around Dec '20, but it hasn’t been smooth. I’ve done 3 hiatus of varying lengths, until I decided to bite the bullet and reset back to level 1 a month ago.

It’s not that I couldn’t fight the pile of reviews, as I’ve done that before, but I used a lot of wk when I was not progressing on other studies, which made all I went through pretty useless. Plus, I was abusing the redo button a lot, and I had too many unfair burns which would be hellish to go through.

I’m on level 5 right now, and doing wk alongside proper studying and reading has been night and day. I’m excited to see the difference between my progress at level 18 with this method vs the last time I reached it.

Study… and art?

I’m a freelance artist, who specializes in Creature character design. Recently, I’ve found that my art has stagnated a lot because of my focus on only doing a specific type of art for work. I wanted to improve on other things, such as shading, drawing humans, backgrounds, etc.

So I’ve been studying. Both with references and with other artists. My goal is to be able to branch out if I ever want to or need, and bring what I’ve learned to my character design skills. So I though cataloging my progress here would help me out.

Plus, I think adding art to my posts makes my log more attractive to other users, and I’m a bit of a slut when it comes to interactions LMAO

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of a log.



  • Do Wk and Bunpro reviews. Usually do whenever reviews are available (though I can only do bunpro when I have internet).
  • Write down on my diary, though I guess it’s more of a journal than a diary, really. I use it to practice grammar points, vocabulary, and kanji. A mix of reviewing what I knew and new things I want to try out. Entries aren’t 1:1 to my day-to-day life, as it is rather monotonous, so I may fake stuff as an excuse to write about a new grammar topic or word I learned.

Weekly (aka: “Do it at least once a week but no specific day or number of times done”)

  • Do class homework. What that homework is depends on my teacher, of course. Typically, some pages from the Marugoto book, with essays and presentations happening every week, alternating.
  • Listen to a podcast episode (Nihongo con Teppei). I wish this was on the daily category, but I don’t have much time for it yet. I want to do it more though because listening is one of the weakest parts of my knowledge for sure.
  • Do art studies. Subject depends on what I want to improve at the time.

When it fits

  • Wk and Bunpro lessons. To explain more: I only do wk lessons when I don’t have more than 90-100 apprentices, and I only do Bunpro lessons when I learn new grammar from class or from diary research. Hence, the name of this category.


Short term

  • Pass a mockup N5 test
  • Read an entire chapter of Yotsuba&
  • Listen to 10 podcast episodes
  • Write 60 diary entries
  • Play a game in Japanese
  • Learn how to do basic shading properly
  • Do basic backgrounds with some ease
  • Reach level 10 on WK

… And the list goes on! I work better by dividing goals into smaller, easier to achieve pieces, so expect the list to constantly update as I accomplish something and immediately create a new goal.

Accomplished goals

None yet.

Long term

  • Pass the N1
  • Be able to read political texts in Japanese with some ease
  • Uuuh generic fluency stuff. You get the gist
  • Be able to update this log frequently

I don’t have a general idea on when to update this log yet! Aiming for weekly or “whenever interesting things happen that would create a fun post for people to read”. I’ll probably experiment a bit before settling down so expect erratic posting for the first weeks.

Finally: If you ever want to chat, talk about something I posted before, ask anything, please do! I loooove interacting with others, and I hope I can get people to chat around, instead of this being just me yelling at the void LOL. See you soon!


Long term? :sweat_smile:


It’s long term because I keep procrastinating on doing it LOL. I just don’t want to fork over 80$ for it really but at the same time being stuck with a phone can be very annoying

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Oh, you want like a hiragana keyboard? I thought you meant like installing the ime. xD

Oh I do mean an IME, it’s just that since my computer is single language, I have to pay for every new keyboard I want to get

What OS are you using? Because you shouldn’t need an entirely new installation of the OS to just install a new keyboard. Mac and Windows certainly allows to install different keyboard/ime without paying anything extra. (Unless there are some super restrictive versions of Windows that I don’t know about). I also assume this would be true for the other big OSes around.

I was slightly incorrect: I wouldn’t have to pay for new keyboards, rather I’d have to pay for a new version of windows to be able to add new keyboards, because Windows 10 Home Single Language only allows one. A Windows 10 Home license is 1k so it’s on the long term goal list


Your what. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Damn, that sucks. Didn’t know it was a thing.

Don’t pay 1k for a Windows license. :worried:


Does Google 日本語入力 – Google work?

I found another version that isn’t directly installed into Windows – Google Input Tools - Chrome Web Store


I’m sorry to hear that. I wondered if you maybe had some kind of restricted Windows version (because it sounded like the kind of things Windows might have). D:

I don’t know if there are solutions around that (with your current OS), but I feel like there should definitely be a Windows version you can buy for less than $1k that allows multiple languages/keyboards. A quick look at a local retailer of electronics and I could get a Windows 10 pro (which I assume allows multiple languages) on a usb stick for about $225 (converted from SEK). I know these things are variable from country to country, but it would be extortionistic to take 4x the price in another country.

Also some additional searching suggests that you might be able to upgrade your OS via windows website. This advice is from from 2018 and suggests a price tag of ca $100, dependent on country/region and gives instructions. But yeah, not free. D:


You can get a new computer for less. :slightly_frowning_face:

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A lot of it is from the price of dollar compared to our currency :[

I probably wont buy a new license just for a pc jp keyboard, so it’s on long term while i check resources or end up swapping my pc for a better one anyways (this one sucks ass)

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I feel you on the currency thing. The SEK is much weaker these days than a few years ago. In a way, not traveling for 2-3 years was a boon to my wallet. :sob:

Oh, 1k what?

Brl, which is around 200$. Main issue is that 200$ is almost 80% of my wage

No, the main issue is that Windows costs $200.

There are always alternatives, like what has been mentioned in the thread, like software you can use to emulate an installed keyboard. Or you know.


;_; my guy, thank you so much!! This worked perfectly and saved my life!

Let’s open this log with the first proper “log entry”. It’ll mostly be a recap of recent weeks, and also a way for me to find out how to format these, lol.


Ever since I reset WK, I’ve been speedrunning the first 4 levels to get to level 5. Those were items that I was mostly confident I knew, and I’ve been interacting with them in class and by writing. (“Why not reset to level 5 then?”, you may ask. The reason is just that the difference was tiny, and I wanted to use those weeks in the lower levels to create a routine again).

Now that I’m at level 5, I’m only doing lessons when I have less than 100 apprentices, and only at noon. This is so my apprentices are 12pm > 4pm > 12am. I’m often awake and active at midnight, but my morning is busy, so this was the best scheduling I got.
I have 62 apprentices right now, so I’ll be ready for lessons. With 37 waiting, which will result in 99 apprentices after I tackle them. I usually do two separate batches at 12:00 and then 12:30. Keeps them in the same time slot, but lets my brain chill a bit.


I’m on my 三回生. We’re using the Marugoto books (currently on A2), and we’re around the middle of N5 and near N4. I’ve been trying to speed up some N5 stuff on the side by practicing new grammar when I can, though.

Our old teacher went to Japan to study, but our new one is pretty fun, so it’s not that bad (I miss her tho, rip). The class interactions and his way of teaching is very good. I like that he focuses a lot on kanji, and he’s nice enough to let me ask about some of my diary entries when we’re on recess LOL.

I finished my homework for this week, but I still have a presentation to write down and prepare myself to present. It’s about your neighborhood/town, to talk about tourist points and characteristics, etc. I’m #notlikeothergirls, so I want to use new grammar to talk about it, because I don’t want mine to feel too same-y (pretty much everyone in class lives in my city so lol). Wish me luck. I might post about it here soon.


Decided to say fuck it and start Yotsuba. I’ve been reading it alongside a video series that explains the grammar. I try to read a page and understand it for myself, checking Jisho and all, then I check the video to see what’s the correct interpretation, and then I write down grammar and vocabulary notes about it.

It’s been really fun, though more as a puzzle and challenge than Yotsuba’s writing (not that it isn’t good, it’s just not my type of thing). I finished 3 pages today in 1 hour, so I’ll see if I can at least consistently do 2-3 pages per day.


Today I’ve studied some muscular anatomy. Couldn’t do much, since the pieces were fullbody and took some time, and I was training for job stuff, but I’m very proud of them.

My main struggles right now seem to be legs: I will draw them too short or too long, and positioning them always feels off. It’s worse when I’m free handing a piece and not using reference, as it comes out looking… kinda bad! So I might do more composition sketches through the week.

Almost all my studies are done by using Morpho, a collection of artistic anatomy books by Michel Lauricella. So unless I specify that I used real life models or something else, the drawings I show will always be heavily referencing his works (which were made to be referenced, to be fair!!!)

I might post some “normal” art too. Seeing the results of the studies, rather than just the studies themselves. We’ll see!

Alright, that’s about everything I wanted to write down today. I feel like it’s really long, so if anyone who’s interested in reading would prefer me to use the hide details option for each category, lmk! Beyond that and any replies/chatting, I’ll see you guys in… a week? maybe?? who knows lol



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Your study log, hide as you please or not. Honestly on my own study log my main entries tend to be as long if not longer. :joy:

I think your frogs were inspired. :wink: (I know why you put them there, I just really liked the choice you went with. :joy:)

I’m a bit curious about your opinion on Yotsuba. Is it formed from having read similar things in the past or from what you’ve read so far? You’re 3 pages in, right? I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m literally curious. It’s a fault/strength of mine. :sweat_smile:

Lmao thank you!! Frogs are my brand so expect to see them around a lot more when I post scans of things.

I don’t read a lot of fiction, so I’m a lot more picky (read: annoying) about it. Slice of life is one of those things I find hard to get into, and comedy is hit or miss.

Maybe I’ll end up enjoying it as I go through, but right now my feelings are “it seems very good, I just am not invested”. Not something I’d read if I weren’t practicing Japanese in the first place, if that makes sense.

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