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I only get an option to put in the level, I don’t see a field to give it my API key anywhere. I’m pretty sure I’m seeing WK words when I go looking to add new vocab though, which seems weird

Seems neat! Will have to check out soon.

I get this popup when I go to a book. Doesn’t seem to matter which book.

“An error occurred after generating the list.”

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

@Raionus Just wanted to make sure you saw this. It did win before, right?

It didn’t win. Ditto had the power at a certain tier to pick a book that lost to be put on the website. Since there was no ebook he chose a different book, which I immediately put up.

In any case, I’ll put the book up for you. But that’s only because you’ve been talking about it for like 12 months now and I can tell you really want it.


Ah, I didn’t realize that. Anyway, I appreciate it! I plan to read it starting in a month so it’ll be really helpful to have as reference on Floflo! :blush:


@Raionus I can’t find a field to input my API anywhere, and 喉 just came up as a suggested new vocab word from a book, despite me typing in that I’m level 60

Edit: I don’t mind words using known kanji (there are still tons), but I don’t need to drill the same exact words on two sites

I’m not @Raionus , but I remember him saying something about the data floflo uses being from the same source as jisho, and 喉 isn’t listed as on wanikani on jisho, so I’m guessing the reason it’s not hidden is because it only was added recently and the thing the data is from thus probably hasn’t been updated with that info yet(so it’s probably more because of the source floflo uses not being updated than floflo itself)


Ah, thanks!

Still, if there’s a way to hook WK’s API in, it could be perfectly accurate :upside_down_face:

Just put in your api v1 key instead of a level. Anyway the only thing that does do though is automatically adjust your level every once in a while.

As dittos post suggests both jisho and I use slightly outdated datasets. They’re not updated because when you get down to it, year to year, wanikani doesn’t really change their curriculum very much

Also the reason I use a fixed dataset is because it’s significantly faster than retrieving and checking against several thousand words every time a user makes a vocab list. Instead I just ask wk for their level and use the data I already have

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What’s the recommended level to start floflo at?

There’s no particular level recommendation, if you are talking about WK.

Otherwise, since it’s target at helping you with the vocab required to read stuff in Japanese, but doesn’t give you anything in terms of grammar, you will need to study that on your own. Depending on what you chose to read, that level could range from N4 to N1. That being said, N4 will be painful no matter what, as you will need to look up a lot of grammar points. N3 should be a good point to use floflo. By getting the vocab and part of the grammar out of the way, you should be able to enjoy the story of whatever you are reading. You will still need to look things up, but it won’t be overwhelming. (Again, that really depends on the resource though).


Is there a way to remove words from review from a certain book? I came back from vacation and would like to focus on only one of my books (Konbini Ningen) but my review pile is so huge…

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Unfortunately afaik theres no info carried with the word that tells what vocab list it was added under. The only info that stays with it is the frequency, I believe. Unfortunately your best bet is probably just not doing lessons and knocking out those reviews little by little.

@Raionus Im looking at reading spice and wolf after im done with kagami no kojou (only like 200 something pages in so I have quite a bit left). Since I notice you already have the first two volumes up on floflo, I was gonna ask if you would want hella volumes like I did with oreshura. If I like it, I’ll prolly read quite a few more volumes so I figured I might as well offer them since I get ebook copies.

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Valid suggestion. I’ll add it today or tomorrow

Actually there is :slight_smile: It’s used to order books on the lessons page and stuff

Yeah sure. Wait until past the fifteenth to send me stuff though since working in japan is kind of annoying

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Oh, that makes sense actually. I stand corrected!

Yeah it would be a bit since this is all assuming I actually like the first volume which I havent even started yet. Craziest shit is that spice and wolf in the alchemizer with f2+overlapping f1 has it at like 900 words. So even after I start reading, itll take a while to finish the first volume lmao.

@sigolino iirc you’ve been reading spice and wolf, right? I remember you saying it was pretty difficult, but not for vocab reasons and more just for how the author chooses to write and leave stuff in the air?


Yeah, that’s what I said. Sometimes you have to think a lot to figure out what’s going on in a conversation, but it’s also true I was never really good at that stuff… so maybe you would do better?

That being said, I’m on volume 14 now and it has become significantly easier than when I started. So I could blame a lot of that on not being used to his style and having a… nowhere near decent Japanese at the time. I should actually reread the first few volumes eventually, my Japanese really wasn’t up to the task when I started reading this series.


BTW how do I access my account settings nowadays? (level etc api token)

Also probably ‘rows’ is not the right term here?

I’m not too good at that stuff either, but I’ll do my best lol

Do you do anything to srs words from what you’re reading?

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All the info that was on the preference page can be found in the options list on https://floflo.moe/temp-2/

Api can be put in place of a level number, same as always.

I mean, that’s what data is called. I guess as a user you might think of them as words but they’re rows :man_shrugging: