(Back up) Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading

Thank you, really, because sometimes I’m sitting here legitimately wondering if my website ever works at all :upside_down_face:


While I’m only just above half the level Vanilla is, I can definitely say it has helped a lot with getting my reading speed up(due to not needing to look up or think as much about vocab) and being able to read SAO and re:zero, so you don’t need to doubt that it works

The glossary mode is also really nice, by the way


Literally speaking there are times where the host goes down, so in those cases I guess you could say the site isnt working.

But from an educational standpoint, I’d definitely say its serving its purpose. I mean, after getting level 60, I was far from able to be able to pick up any LN I wanted to read and read through it easily. I have done multiple things since then, but primarily floflo and reading 12 volumes of oreshura (which was made possible all thanks to floflo). Since then I’ve felt pretty comfortable with whatever I pick up and have gotten much faster at reading. Funny enough, I just recently started かがみの孤城 and have been slightly disappointed with how easy it is to read. Its a nice problem to have, of course, but I’ve grown so used to struggling that it feels weird.

The learning system definitely works, but its open ended enough that I feel like the biggest place it could go wrong is individuals not knowing how to properly utilize it. I started looking into using this system of learning since like 2 years ago so I feel like I have a good grasp of it, but there will always be people who don’t use it effectively imo.


Thanks man, happy 5k!

I guess one thing that bugs me is the fact that there’s still bugs at this point. I know that’s just how it is in programming, but it makes me feel l like despite all the time I’ve spent on this website my programming really hasn’t improved that much and that bothers me a lot.

I think you’re better at reading than me at this point, but yeah, similar issue. It felt like for most of my Japanese career the goalpost seemed so far away, but now that I’m near the finish line I’ve realized that I have to start thinking about my next steps. Like, it’s been a hot minute since I thought about Japanese - I’m used to just studying it like a robot. It feels kind of alien to have to make decisions again.

Not sure if that makes sense, but yeah


Just look back at code you wrote 1 year ago and you’ll know right away that you’ve improved tremendously. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and learned so far :smiley:


@Raionus 魔法少女育成計画 finally has an ebook version if you want to add it now since it won a poll all those months ago. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to edit/delete individual items? I wanted to review 凄じい as kanji, but somehow I messed it up and it’s quizzing me with just すさまじい.

New question, in the options there is a “no calligraphy” setting, but I can’t find a setting anywhere that randomizes my fonts (all reviews are just a simple default font). How do I mix up the fonts?

Edit edit: I’m really loving the site so far, it’s just a bit tricky to navigate I guess :upside_down_face:

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If you go to the lessons page there’s a tab called Find Words.
Search up susamajii in hiragana. The one you added will be in blue, delete it. Then just add the word in kanji.

If you want a dumb hack, you can also just prepend the kanji with a ! in the first slot of the reading field like:
Reading: !凄まじい;すさまじい
And it’ll just show the kanji in the furigana slot. That’s for like if you wanna be lazy about it though.

I’m you got the word from a word list, then it was probably added without kanji because that’s how it appeared in the story. I try not to make people learn more kanji than they need to, although I understand that that can be annoying for people who already know a ton.

Unfortunately, I don’t have support for that now. I could look into it if you’re really interested though.

I’d personally love to be able to drill with random fonts that are on my computer; Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits does it incredibly well. I don’t know if its author, @obskyr is still active, but maybe it’d be possible to work with them to simply repurpose that userscript for flo*flo without too much trouble? Maybe wishful thinking, but I’d love that so much!! :grin:

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I’m looking at the script and I think I reproduce it pretty easily. It might take like two days max but I’m pretty certain I can make something similar for Floflo


I think it’s been a fantastic way to get used to stylized fonts, seeing just how far certain elements can stretch and still resemble the intended form. Thanks so much!


BTW, I was able to add 凄じい as a kanji word, but if I search すさまじい in the word finder, the only results are 凄まじい and 凄じい; I don’t see すさまじい available for deletion. (My username is just “Kai” if you want to look into it from your end) (Edit: I was actually able to find/delete すさまじい by using the #recent tag)

This kind of makes me wish that there was a “Trash” option during review sessions though, b/c I didn’t mean to add すさまじい and now I can’t get rid of it, lol. (Even if I can get rid of it through the menus as intended, it’d still be nice to be able to nuke it on the spot as I find it, especially since I sometimes add vaguely familiar words that I quickly decide to stop reviewing)

Last question for now: I have a habit of hitting the “A” key after getting a review wrong sometimes, because it’s a shortcut I use during Bunpro reviews. This advances me to the next review, but I’m wondering if that’s intended, and is anything else is happening when I hit this key? (Can also be frustrating if I wanted to add a synonym or ignore my answer)


Thanks again for your help, I wish I’d jumped on flo*flo ages ago!

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Ah you actually can.
Answer the word when it pops up, then you can click the details button (bottom row of buttons) or just press space.

A window will pop up and you can go to actions -> delete item/trash item

Any key that isn’t a hotkey key will move the review forward. You can see the hotkeys if you hover over any of the buttons on the bottom.

What’s A do in bunpro btw?

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I saw that list of hotkeys on hover-over, but it doesn’t mention that all other keys advance to the next review. In Bunpro though, A displays the correct answer in the answer blank (it’s originally hidden to give the user a chance to proofread/reconsider their wrong answer before seeing it).

Update 8/30


    • Stickied how-to-use post is now highlighted; can be removed with the x button
    • Updated how-to-use post
    • User/pass is now the only available login option


  • Jitai is now available for Floflo. Enable it by clicking the gear on the top right. @Kai_973
    • I literally changed like 10 lines from the user script and it still worked. Amazin’

Looking into the Patreon thing - it’s difficult to know where to start though. I changed one thing that may or not be help fix the issue.


Thanks so much, can’t wait to try it out! :grin:

Before I can though, I’ve got to ask― is there a way to simply quiz all available lessons at once? I added ~30 terms just now, and having to click them all one-by-one with a touchpad is ちょっと…


Edit: Jitai works like a charm! It’s so beautiful :sob:

I actually wish I could remove some of the default/“vanilla” fonts from the pool of possible fonts, but I don’t suppose there’s an easy way to do that without involving userscripts or crude band-aid workarounds, is there? In any case, thanks again for everything. Awesome site.

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Click and hold, wave your mouse over items

For your other thing, Heres a sort of answer: If you want to get more wacky fonts you could visit the user script and look for the part of the code that lists fonts. Download them.

To my understanding the user script had a large array of fonts but it won’t download them for you and it can only use them if you already have them installed. I think my computer only had about 3 of 20 of them idk how much variety you’re getting though

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No I mean, all my crazy fonts are showing up on flo*flo now (like the ones recommended by Jitai’s author), but on WK, through Tampermonkey I can edit Jitai’s code and comment out (with //) all of the standard / bland / generic fonts, like the default Meiryo and such. If there’s an easy way to make it possible, I want stylized fonts on all of my reviews, not just most of them :sweat_smile:

(But like I said, I don’t know if there’s a good way to go about that without involving scripts or something)

Seems like an amazing resource. How do I hook it up to WK though?

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On this page https://floflo.moe/temp-2/
There’s a generate button before you make the list. Directly above that are options. One of those is labeled WK - click it and insert your level/api.

Wait a second and then make sure you generate the list again to update it.