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Someone tripped over the power cord to the server.


And then continued to trip on it for the next couple of hours I guess


Oh snap, I legit thought it was like gonna be a picture book or something because I read Candy Shop in the title. Thought it was for kids.
Anyway, yeah, would love to but my bank account is in the negative this week. I’m living on chocolate graham crackers for the next couple of days


Nooooooooooo plz at least eat a tomato or something DDDDDDDDD:

:tomato: :tomato: :tomato:


Tomato on graham crackers. Italian s’mores.

It’s s’amore.


I would totally be up for shorts story, to be able to read a bit even if I am low level here :smiley

(maybe be not now but in a few levels and after a bit of grammar it would be awesome I think!):

Little question here.
Is that a good thing to jump right in with a big book (like those crazy LN with 5000+ unique words) at the beginning of WK journey (almost lvl 3 yipi) or is that too much of a burden considering i don’t know much grammar?
Like, is there a level range or something that you guys advised ?

You can start reading whenever. Doesn’t matter if you’re level 4 or 40 because you’re going to have to plow through a bunch of book specific vocabulary anyway.

You’ll get destroyed. I’d recommend N3/N2 for those. The vocabulary alone is probably too much and tbh, it’s just not fun. This was an article I wrote on getting started with Japanese reading. In short, get started with Aoi Tori Bunko books. Some of them on Floflo are:

Also recommend Majo no Takkyubin (Kiki’s Delivery Service), which is harder because of stylized dialogue but has an archive full of people who were asking grammar/reading questions since there was a bookclub. Check the discussion threads section there.


I mean there aren’t a ton but anything marked with Aozora Bunko is free because Aozora Bunko hosts copyright-expired works. They’re short and you can pull it off if you’re willing to post questions/look things up.

Sometimes Aozora Books use archaic language because they’re often in fairytale settings so personally I’d recommend Aoi Tori Bunko books (see above) but whatever floats your boat.

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Ok thank you ! I’m going to check that and I’ll start to read (hopefully) in one month when I’ll get to Japan (should be easier to buy books).

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Update 8/10
Vocab Tables

  • Hotkeys added: Press 1, 2, and 3 to add, trash, and ignore


  • Loads instantly if you’ve visited before
  • Information updates every 3.5 hours

Small update but the hotkeys are a nice quality of life change. Anyway, gonna leave for Japan in a few days so trying not to make any big updates for now.


Woooooooo, have an awesome time!

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Thanks. Should be fun.

Apparently my mother is coming to visit the last week I’m there, and she wants to go to four different cities in seven days. I dunno how to tell her that that’s not gonna fly…


@Raionus not sure if youre checking stuff while in japan, but for some reason its not letting me sync up my patreon with my account. Anytime I click the allow button, it takes me back to floflo and continues asking me to sync my accounts.

I’ll be fixing issues while I’m in Japan. Tonight is my flight night though, so it’ll be at least 2 days until I can check it out.

Just to verify, what page are you trying to access? Alchemizer? I might just enable premium for everyone until I fix it.

Yeah, it just gave me a notification though saying permissions granted and now it works! So yay

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Cool I love bugs that fix themselves


The little panel that shows upcoming reviews is missing for me.

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That means you can take today off uwu