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Update 5/4 - SRS Options, Timer Modes & More Book Data


  • Added several new SRS options
  • Timer style lets you turn on various different “wrap up” modes by clicking the stopwatch icon on the top right of the SRS
    • Best one is mode 3 IMHO. You can set it to automatically submit your answer after X seconds which keeps you from spacing out during reviews/taking too long on each question
  • Added WK’s Jitai (more or less) Font Randomizer


  • Continuing to fill in metadata for books
  • You can click the aux links button on the top right of a book’s info box to see useful links
  • Added custom descriptions for various websites
  • Found a nice website called because.moe which lists where you can find various anime if you live in the west. Hulu not included unfortunately but usually there’s something there.

Anyway, school has been kicking me arse so I’m a couple days behind. I’ll handle the next set of transfer requests + new month’s book uploads when school gives me permission to breath (should be Thursday latest)

Also thanks to that Trinity guy for posting Copyfish, I’ll start looking into manga again. If I can scan up a transcript for a volume in less than 30 minutes I might start adding them to the website.


No problem! I’ve used it for quite a bit, so just @ me if you need help getting it to work. :+1:


The wrap up is not doing anything when I click it at the moment, and the console gives this error


Update 5/10

Added 7 new items to Koohi.

  • Anime
    • Somali
    • Shirobako
    • Blackfox (movie)
  • Books
    • Jitsuryoku Shijou blah blah
    • Stuff
    • Re Zero 6

Just gotta get it up on Floflo next, then do the transfers and stuff

Fixed, I think.

It should default to standard wrap up if you enter an invalid value for options 2/3. Aside from that, option 1 should default to a value of 3 (how it was working before the update) or whatever value you choose if you bother changing it. Tell me if that works :ok_hand:


It seems to be working exactly as intended for me now :+1:

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Hey, I tried to generate the vocabulary list described in this thread, but when I click on “generate” as a logged in user, the following error is returned:

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    at notes-common-v2.js?ver=8.4.2-202020:32
    at notes-common-v2.js?ver=8.4.2-202020:158
admin-bar-v2.js?ver=8.4.2-202020:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: _ is not defined
    at admin-bar-v2.js?ver=8.4.2-202020:2
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?title=book_majo_no_takkyubin_1:377 false
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autoptimize_7bce5bb1994fd3fa4ccb3d9fce3fb12c.js:74 ERROR LOG:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
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?title=book_majo_no_takkyubin_1:1145 Array(1)
?title=book_majo_no_takkyubin_1:813 Object
?title=book_majo_no_takkyubin_1:813 Object
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Hey, what’s up? I have no idea how to fix it, and I have no idea why that bug only appears for some users.

Floflo is old and I run a thing called Koohi now. It’s an improved version that’s better in every way. Consider checking that out

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Dang I have no idea when I’m gonna get around to that whole email server thing. Just because of the way the system works, I could delete your account and since your words are stored on a separate table they’ll still be there if you recreate your new account with the same email/name combo

Wanna just go with that for now?

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Yes, let’s just go with that, then :sweat_smile:
Can you send an email to that address as well? I’m 99.99% sure of the address, but I’d like to make that 100%

Thank you! I’ll check it out right away~

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Lol, I also realized I have no idea what e-mail address I’m using in floflo. When I eventually migrate hope it can be shown somewhere.

@Raionus That said, why is the data tied to an e-mail and not username if the e-mail is not even used?

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I created an account on Koohi but quickly realized that it’s not what I am looking for. How can I delete my account again? (In case I cannot, can you please delete it? My username is the same as here. Thx!)


Just curious, what are you looking for?

Yeah I got no idea who you are on Floflo. What’s it say as your username on the lessons page?



My laptops WiFi card just died so I’m waiting for my replacement to come in and also probably failing all my classes right now

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Failing in general or because you are getting behind due to lack of Internet connectivity?


This is the kind of thing educational institutes should be being very understanding of right now though.

Holy that’s just what happened then with mine! However I managed to fix it by opening it up and taking the chip in and out and now it’s working again.

Thank you!

Basically the same as what I described earlier:

Which is a full list of the vocab of a book, that I can simply look at, with the option to remove vocab that I already know (aka. “trash” the vocab).

But yeah, neither FloFlo nor Koohi do that, so that’s fine as well. (Meanwhile I’ve slowly extended my vocab so I’m no longer as dependent on external tools like these.)

So, thanks and good luck! :+1:

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Congratulations on getting out of srs hell

Unfortunately I don’t have any tools to take it apart with and there’s no one to borrow from because of Corona

She gave me a 24 hour extension orz
I already talked to the campus and they can’t do anything for me so I just dropped the class. I’ll just need to take a second one in the summer