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Hello everyone,

I had to take a vacation from wanikani because I was getting overwhelmed, leveling up in 7-8 days was killing me, so I decided to take a 3 weeks vacation to rest. I’m currently in level 21 and I have 137 lessons and 207 reviews, I tried to work up the reviews but I got almost everything wrong, feels like I already forgot everything.

Any suggestion on how to get back?

erm go to settings get your ADI key
input ti and revise all content before doing any reviews and DO NOT DO LESSONS until you cleared all the review. in worst case scenario, you should ask for roll back to a lower level

If it’s only been 3 weeks, then you should be able to catch up without worrying about a reset or anything drastic like that.

The best thing to do is just focus on reviews (don’t do any lessons) until you feel like you’re answering them consistently again, and you’re not swamped with reviews everyday.

If it’s hard to get through all the reviews, find the reorder script in the userscript list on the forums, and reorder your reviews to vocab first, or sort by level or anything really. This way, you can do maybe 50 reviews, and the next time you do reviews, you have a good chance of getting the same items again if you failed them.

EDIT: script available in this thread, and I recommend vocab and lowest level first


alright, thank you guys, gonna do that and avoid using vacation mode again. It really feels like I completely forgot all the kanjis.

It’s kinda scary how quickly you can forget something you’ve supposedly memorised when you don’t use it. If you crack on with your reviews the kanjis should come back to you quickly, just answer what you can and don’t worry about getting them wrong initally. You’ll be back on track before you know it!

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