Back to the future - Level 11!

I think I’m glad I reset. Some obesrvations after coming back from Level 27.

  • I’ve forgotten a lot more than I thought despite having burned well over a thousand.
  • I am pleased I recognize stuff even if I don’t always remember the meaning.
  • I read a LOT better (I used to not even be able to read many of the example sentences).
  • I am better at recognizing the radicals within the Kanji.

I really thought I’d be here like 30 days after the reset. I’m very surprised it’s taken so long.

I am keeping my “Apprentice” queue to 100 or less (otherwise even once or twice a day reviews can become nearly unmanageable).


Congrats!!! It really is reassuring seeing how SRS continues to work its magic even after we’ve stopped. I reset at around level 21 after burning out, burned out again because I went too quickly, and finally found a nice and slow pacing I can keep without dying. I’m also seeing the same benefits you are rn :3c

Here’s to a steady progress to level 60! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is pretty normal unless you’re starting WaniKani with some serious amount of Japanese knowledge already. Some sentences are just really out there, you know.

Also, congrats on getting back on track.


That’s great to hear. I think one of the advantages of resetting that doesn’t get talked about much is the confident boost you get from being able to nail reviews again, especially after hitting a wall.



Hello from someone who reset from level 11 to level 2! (Didn’t go all the way to 1 so I wouldn’t lose my access to old mnemonics)

Best decision ever. Once I let the level 11 reviews pile up to over 1,000 during a vacation/burnout, I ended up letting it sit for YEARS until it was completely insurmountable. Now I’m back on track, remembering almost everything so far (watch that change quickly, lol!) and hoping to maintain a more manageable workload to prevent that issue from happening again.

And worst case, resetting still exists! Happy to hear it’s helping you too, and best of luck!


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