Back to the basics

I just reset from lvl 19 to 1 since the break I took was to long and I started to mix up some basic kanjis… anyone else had this experience? How did you fix? I hope that my choice was the correct way to go and help me to get a normal review habit again. Recently I was always at roughly 1200 reviews and couödn’t get rid of them.


I’m in a similar situation. Took a break, and the reviews got to 1200 so I give up for a while. Right now, I’m trying to take it slow, keep the number of reviews at 1000 as a goal so that hopefully I don’t overdo it when the number of apprentice reviews I have to do inevitably go up. Hopefully, after a week or two I’ll be able to work it down by steps of fifty/hundred.

I think if I reset to level 1 I would give up entirely or consider myself a failure haha

Vacation mode was created for a reason…


Yes, but I didn’t intend a vaction. It just piled because I was to lazy / forgot about it for some time… or was to busy with other stuff.

Anyway I will make a fixed a plan now when to do reviews and so on.

eh, if you’re doing a hundred- two hundred reviews a day it’s very easy to get overwhelmed if something changes in life and you don’t have time to adjust the workload or you get entirely preoccupied for a few days unexpectedly.

Ah, that’s the real reason

As for reviews, there are schedules like 9AM, 1PM, 9PM with 4, 8, 12 hour time difference for most efficiency

But I just do my reviews as soon as I can, because work + school get in the way

I’ve done this twice now (reset to level one) after ignoring the app for well over a year… Neither reset has been from as high as the OP was, but I have always been really surprised at how much my brain had remembered from the earlier levels. (Burned really does mean burned!)

I am currently working back to level 11. However I am under no time pressure to learn and just doing this for fun. I’m a lifetime member as well so there is very little incentive, other than my own enjoyment and wanting to learn, that keeps me coming back.

I try to keep no more than 100 reviews at apprentice levels, I’ll only do more lessons if I can stay at or very close to 100 at apprentice level. The pace is a lot more manageable and hopefully will help me not to get overwhelmed. Once I get back to uncharted territory I may drop that level down to between 60 and 80.

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