Back in the game after complete reset in the summer

I reset completely in the summer after getting overwhelmed and fed up. I’m just plodding slowly but getting back into it. This time round I’m keeping pace with Kaniwani which helps. I would advise all noobs to do that. I’ve just discovered Bunpro which is free and makes learning grammar fun, and is regimented like Wanikani with SRS. I just do the above plus a little bit of Genki vocab in Memrise. Oh, and I’ll be chatting to three Japanese women next month as Mutant Monster come to the UK!




What was your level before the reset? I just cleared a mountain of ~600 reviews after neglecting WK for a few weeks a while ago. It was really tough to get back into the “flow”, because my review scores were a lot worse than usual, and doing the reviews was rather frustrating. Leading to me not doing them regularly, leaving the review mountain standing unscathed… well, it’s torn down now.

Still, it did set me back a few months. I haven’t leveled up for 135 days. :frowning:

Was on 13 and couldn’t keep up. Went back to zero.

Welcome back puppy!


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