Back from the brink and an email from Koichi

I’ve twice reset, once from level 23 to 11 and once from 26 all the way back to 1. I was making good progress all the way back to 26 and then hit a difficult period where I fell behind. My reviews got up over 1000. I really didn’t want to reset again so started plowing through a bit every day. My Apprentice numbers were getting quite high but the review pile was slowly decreasing. Finally got them down to 0 a few days ago and the Apprentice numbers dropping down and review percentages over 90 again. This morning finally made it to 27!

It felt great, and as a sweet bonus the all-knowing Koichi sent me a congratulatory email on reaching 27. If you are struggling out there, 頑張って下さい!!!


Congratulations! :slight_smile: Good to see you around again!


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