Back After a Long While Off

Starting in November of 2019 life started getting crazy, as happens, but I kept telling myself i’d keep up with the kanji practice. I was lying to myself of course. Gradually it slipped as other priorities came first, until I just sorta stopped doing any at all. But, I also never went into vacation mode, as I kept saying I’d get back to it.

Well, I finally came back to it about 2 months ago, with well over 2000 reviews stacked up. It was super discouraging at times, especially as the number occasionally went back up instead of down as I hadn’t yet re-established the habit of doing my daily kanji time. But Slowly. Ever so slowly. I whittled it down.

I’m proud to say I’m finally back at 0 reviews and 0 lessons and it feels so so so good, as it often seemed like a thing that just wasn’t going to happen again.

I also hadn’t visited the forums at all during that time, so I thought this was a good occasion to make my way back to the forums, and say that it’s nice to be back! even if it’s mostly just to lurk…



Feel free to post something when you have something to say. Participating is fun.


Welcome back and well done. You are really close to the finish line with the program and should be proud of your progress!


Glad to have to back with the community :smile: Slow and steady, we move forward.


Well done! Don’t be afraid to fail, but just keep going :slight_smile:


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