Aww yiis (Finished 387 review items) Celebratory post

After almost, God knows, how many months of hiatus. I am back and I am here to finish this. Subscribed to annual and have a lot of time. What with the quarantine and all


Nice job! Those huge batches can be super demoralizing.

…do you really have over a hundred Enlightened items at only level 3? That might be a first for me :sweat_smile:

It’s amazing that you got 92% correct answers after 3 months of hiatus, congrats.


Ah, I should’ve mentioned that I reset my level after a year long hiatus. I lost most of what I learned in level 22, so I had to make the hard decision of resetting back to level 1 because my fundamentals were shaky.


Thanks! I should mention that WK’s new mnemonics really helped fast track that. Before the overhaul, WK’s mnemonics were aherm sub par because it involved pop culture references that I didn’t know about. (Had to look up who Charlie Sheen is as well as Hard Gay, not disappointed :smirk: :smirk:)

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Ah I see, that makes a little more sense. I figured you had gone on hiatus after getting a bunch of stuff into Master, and then when you came back they were all waiting for you.