Automatically Play Sound on WaniKani Mobile App (Android)

Hi there!

I’m using the WaniKani Mobile app for android. You can find it here:

Currently when I’m working through a set I’m offered no sound for the radicals (this makes sense). However, when I get to the pink kanji there are no sound clips available, and when I get to the vocabulary (the purple ones) I have to go to the reading tab and force it to play the sound.

This is a huge waste of time, and it doesn’t help me learn if my focus is always on getting the sound to play.

  1. Is there a way to make so that using the app it automatically plays sound for the correct items when available?
    1. I don’t see it under the options or settings anywhere
  2. Is there an explanation to the extent of what the pink Kanji are? I’m confused about their distinction? Are these Kanji? Are these made up Kanji like how WK has made up radicals? I’m confused as to what these are and why they don’t have sound if they are in fact legitimate Kanji.
I appreciate any help or feedback!

Yes, the pink ones are kanji. They are not made up but the english meaning may differ from what you see in jisho or other dictionaries. But they’re basically the same. They don’t have sound. Only vocabulary have sound.

There must be an option to play the sounds automatically in the settings. But once you clicked the sound icon on the left for a vocab it must be atomatically played after that. My situation is the opposite. I can’t turn it off so when I listen to music at the same time while doing my reviews the reading of the vocab pauses my music player :smiley: It can’t be turned off even if I clicked the icon.

I didn’t understand what you mean by forcing it? You have to get to the reading tab in order to hear the reading. First meaning then reading, it has an order…

The Kanji don’t have sound because Kanji in general have 2 readings, and WaniKani tends to variate which one you learn based on which one is more commonly used and the like. Having multiple readings playback would only confuse users who are not aware of this.

On the contrary, vocab (purple) tend to have only one legitimate reading (most of the time at least) which makes the audio playback that much more plausible.