Automatically generate new wallpaper


Great! :slight_smile: I didn’t even see the image yet because I only saw your message from email.

Can you help me test the new version again? I’m using version 2 of the WaniKani API this time, and I don’t have any items burned at the moment so I can’t test it with my API key.

Can you go to my site link below and enter a v2 API key please? I only need you to enter the key and get to the settings page and that’s it. You don’t have to try to download a wallpaper (it won’t work yet anyways). WaniKani Wallpaper Generator

Here is where you can get the v2 API key (a.k.a. “Personal access token”) WaniKani — Log in

It looks good!

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Thank you!

Your API key is helping so much already :slight_smile:

It’s better to catch these errors now than later.

Thank you for helping, @emucat!

The new version is now released: New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

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Commenting to easily find this when I get a new computer c:
Looks great btw

Thank you, @ralphdro!

Make sure that you see the correct post when you come back: New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

You can use it for your phone, too!

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Thanks! I’ll comment there too XD