Automatic vacation mode (toggle)

Ok so hear me out, we have been seeing a lot of people post their 1000+ review pile recently as they went inactive without putting vacation mode on.

My suggestion is a toggle that defaults to on, so if you go inactive for a certain period of time it will put vacation mode on.

This could be a user-defined amount of time or a WK defined amount of time.

But why a toggle? Well some people may have a lot of enlightened items that are waiting to come up for review so maybe they go inactive to let them stack-up.

For these people toggling automatic-vacation mode off would be optimal (or setting the auto period until after their enlightened items come up for review).

I’ve noticed the mods post frequently on threads where people have been inactive and built up tons of reviews, they offer good advice to the users.

I’ve also noticed that they just released a new feature to order your reviews by oldest first in an attempt to relieve the pressure of inactive users who return to a massive pile of reviews.

I believe my suggestion if implemented correctly could relieve this pressure entirely moving forward.

So let me know what you think.


I heard a rumor about some kind of wacky time-travel experiment. Stay tuned…


Sounds like a good idea also!

Well, in the event that your experiment doesn’t work out, hopefully you guys can keep this in mind :smiley:.

That being said, I hope your experimental feature does work out because it sounds way cooler :eyes:.

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May God help us all…

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