Automatic subscription renewal price

In January I bought a subscription for a year with a 50% discount. At that time, full price was $99.
Footnotes and the invoice got me confused by how the automatic renewal and coupons work, so I got 3 main question:

  1. Does the automatic renewal charge the same amount I payed for the first time ($50 in my case)?
  2. If the discount does not work on renewal, will it charge the old price ($99) or the new one ($89)?
  3. If I cancel the subscription and buy it once more, will I be able to apply the same coupon again (if it’s still valid)?

Thank you for answers in advance!

You’d be best off emailing

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This info should be on your subscription page, just scroll through to the bottom.

It says that none of the plans is selected, so no total cost. I can, however, click on other plans and it will show me the price: for monthly, 50% off already applies. But what about yearly? Seems like 50% will work, but will it be applied to $89 or $99?

Why would it apply to $99? That’s no longer a valid price. They even gave people money back when they changed the price.

Since I had a discount, I didn’t know they did ^^ Thanks for your answers!
Though I didn’t receive any direct info, I’ll assume that discount will automatically work and will be applied to the new price.

My subscription is a yearly and my discount is applied each time. It displays on my subscription screen that way. Not sure why it wouldn’t for yours, but that’s what happens.

It should say Good for: Forever. If you see that, then expect the discount to be applied to the new price.

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