Author and Writer


I was wondering about the meaning of this vocabulary.

I am not a native English speaker, but I usually use the word writer and author interchangeably. Possibly the word author would maybe refer to a more specific writer of a referenced book or something, but that’s about all I can think of as a difference between the two. Is it ok to add the synonym of writer to this vocabulary? Or am I missing a crucial difference?


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The primary difference between them is that a writer is the one who does the writing of a book, script, article, etc, whatever it may be, and an author is the one who comes up with and formulates the idea(s) for whatever is to be written

Often times the author and writer are the same person, which is why it’s seen to be used interchangeably


Additionally, a writer can be for any medium including tv, movies, and songs while an author is book based.


I never knew this! Thanks for the info.

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Also it’s why so many celebrities are credited as authors when they release a book, because they probably did very little of the writing themselves.


Author specifically refers to writing books, articles, etc. Whilst a writer is more generic that inclues things like songs where you wouldn’t call them a song author but a songwriter.


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