August 27 2021 Content Updates


(33) - added on’yomi しゃ.

(33) - removed おなら from readings, added a reading warning for it, and updated reading mnemonic.

(52) - changed the primary reading to the kun’yomi の, added a reading warning message for ない, and updated the reading mnemonic.

(53) - updated meaning mnemonic.

(55) - added “distance” to allow list, and updated meaning and reading mnemonics.

(59) - made “Japanese birch” primary meaning and “birch” alternative meaning, moved “wood block” to allow list, added “Japanese birch tree” to allow list, and updated meaning and reading explanations.

(38) - added on’yomi ちょ.


東京都 (12) - added “metro tokyo” to allow list.

場面 (16) - added “screen” to block list.

洋室 (11) - added “western style food” to block list.

四十二階 (12) - added “twenty-second floor” to block list.

支度 (11) - added “prostration” to block list.

大嫌い (22) - added “detestable” to alternative meanings.

(33) - added a reading warning for おなら and updated reading explanation.

海魚 (7) - added “ocean bird” and “sea bird” to block list.

必ず (7) - added “uncertainty” and “uncertainly” to block list.

明るい (6) - updated the meaning explanation and one context sentence.

(3) - made “part” primary meaning, added “content” as alternative meaning, moved “minute” to allow list, made ぶん primary reading, moved ふん to reading allow list, updated meaning and reading explanations, and replaced two context sentences.

〜斤 (5) - added “bread loaves” and “loaves of bread” as alternative meanings

Transitive Verb Updates

正す (2) - added “to correct something” to allow list.

切る (3) - added “to cut something” to allow list and updated a context sentence translation.

引く (3) - added “to attract” to alternative meanings, added “to pull something”, “to subtract something”, “to attract something” and “minus” to allow list, and updated meaning explanation and a context sentence translation.

用いる (3) - added “to utilize something”, “to use something”, and “to make use of something” to allow list, and updated a context sentence.

口にする (4) - added “to mention something”, “to say something”, “to eat something”, and “to drink something” to allow list.

申す (4) - moved “to humbly say” to allow list, added “to humbly say something”, “to say something humbly”, and “to say something” to allow list, and updated meaning explanation.

見る (4) - added “to see something”, and “to look at something” to allow list, and updated meaning explanation.

見せる (4) - added “to show something” to allow list.

生む (5) - added “to give birth to someone” and “to produce something” to allow list.

出す (5) - added “to take something out”, “to take out something”, “to hand something out”, “to hand out something”,“to remove something”, “to turn something in”, “to turn in something”, , “to put something out”, and “to put out something” to allow list.

助ける (8) - added “to help someone”, “to help something”, “to save someone”, “to save something”, “to rescue someone”, and “to rescue something” to allow list.

挙げる (23) - made “to raise something” primary meaning, added “to cite something” and “to hold something” as alternative meanings, moved “to raise”, “to elevate”, and “to bring up” to allow list, added “to bring up something”, “to bring something up”, “to cite”, “to elevate something”, and “to hold” to allow list, updated meaning explanation, and added two context sentences.



  • Level 55: (もち) - must not


  • Level 7: 木星 (もくせい) - Jupiter
  • Level 7: 〜分 (ふん) - minute
  • Level 19: 飲酒 (いんしゅ) - drinking alcohol
  • Level 21: 飲酒運転 (いんしゅうんてん) - drunk driving
  • Level 55: 勿論 (もちろん) - of course


(kanji) - moved from level 2 up to level 51, because it’s usually written in kana and caused confusion for some beginners.

(vocabulary) - moved from level 2 up to level 51, because it’s usually written in kana and caused confusion for some beginners.


悪女 (12) - this word is very uncommon, and we have a lot of other words to practice these readings of 悪 and 女. If it were to crop up, it would also be easy to figure out the meaning from the kanji.


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Thanks, Jenny!!!

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