Audio with headphones

I know this is a common bug apparently but has there been any good work arounds for it?



curious what bug? i use headphones all the time but haven’t ever had issue. i’m PC and tablet both, never any issues so far.


When I have my headphone plugged in for the pronunciation voices half the time only 1 of the two voices play and some times they are cut off. If I’m not using headphones they play fine.

Try a different set of headphones

Nvm still having issues even with usb headset.

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Actually, I started noticing this recently. It only happens to the Kenichi voice recordings, sometimes they don’t work at all, but the Kyoko recordings are fine. Not sure when it started, to be honest.

This happens to me with my bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. I think if there is no sound for a while they turn off to save battery. It takes a while for them to turn back on so you get the delayed sound or the beginning of the sound is cut off. Listening to music in the background solves the problem for me.

I’m using sony wh-1000xm3.

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