Audio shortcut doesn't work for vocab definition

Audio doesn’t play when I press the “j” shortcut for vocab definitions.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Vocab definition item is shown
  2. Get the meaning wrong
  3. Press “f” to check the correct definition
  4. Press “e” to expand all stuff
  5. Press “j” to play audio

Expected: Audio for the vocab should play.
Actual: Audio doesn’t play

Can’t attach images for some reason, so here’s an external link for more info:

I just ran into that (or a similar) problem on a desktop browser (Safari under MacOS).

I had been having the problem reported here:

And then just a few minutes ago the audio playback did not work at all for me.

I had reported it to WK support - maybe they were working on it (but something else happened?).

Hi, can you write in to so we can collect some more information and investigate further?

Hey, just wrote an email. Thanks.

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