Audio keeps repeating! Please help

This is a really weird problem and I tried searching to see if anyone else has had this problem but I couldn’t find anything.

For the last couple days everytime I type in the japanese reading the audio starts to repeat itself. BUT whats weird is that it only repeats itself when i push buttons on the keyboard. For example… i type in neko and the audio says “neko” and I move on to the next kanji/vocab. Whether i have to type in the english reading or japanese reading, every time i push a button on the keyboard the audio will start saying NEKO NEKO NEKO NEKO NEKO. If what i’m typing is english then it will stop once i have answered the reading but if what im typing is Japanese then it will change to whatever that word is and start repeating it on the next question. It’s so weird and really annoying.

I’ve tried all the usual things like restarting my computer. Closing the browser and restarting. Tried using different browsers but the same thing keeps happening. My computer had an update the other day and maybe thats what caused the problem? But I have no idea what the update was or how to even check if thats what caused the problem. Any computer geniuses out there that can help??



Not a computer genius, but just in case…

The ‘J’ key makes the audio play. Maybe yours is stuck down or something? Have you got a different keyboard to try?

It’s antivirus I believe. A few others have had this before, and I’m pretty sure I remember it being due to their antivirus, for some reason.

Thanks for your response SevenZeven. I’m using a laptop so i’m not sure if plugging in a keyboard will override that but I’ll definitely try it thanks. If the J key was stuck down though I would imagine that I would have a problem of a J always typing like jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. Don’t you think? Thanks

Hi Daisuke! Thanks for your reply. I’ve always used the same anti virus but again its an interesting idea. I have it turned off already and will find out in 10 minutes. I only have one review at 1pm so i’ll try your idea first and then try the keyboard idea at 2. I’ve only 2 more reviews in an hour. Of course I have hardly any reviews when I really need them but when i dont need them theres about 300 :smiley:

So it turns out my one and only review was a kanji which of course doesn’t have audio so i’ll report back in an hour hopefully.

Do you use Kaspersky?

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Yes! I use Kaspersky and shutting it off did the trick. Thank you so much. I almost always have the volume on when doing my reviews so having this problem was pretty irritating but its fixed now thanks again :slight_smile: On a separate note how are you finding life on level 51? Are you reading much Japanese literature or watching tv shows/playing computer games or something else?

Glad to hear you managed to fix it. Good job Daisuke!

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Unfortunately, not really. While I’ve recently hit level 52 on WaniKani, my grammar and vocabulary are still garbage. There was a long bit of time where WaniKani was pretty much all I did. Don’t really have much free time to study, and wasn’t really utilizing my time wisely.
I recently took a mock N5 and did alright. Don’t think I’d pass N4 though. I’ll take a mock one one of these days… The only Japanese content I’m engaging in is yotsuba, and even that not as much as I should.

Yeah WaniKani takes up so much time that it can be difficult to make time for other aspects of learning Japanese. I’m trying to incorporate grammar studies into it now but it can become a bit overwhelming having so much to learn at once. I’m starting to find a little bit of a rhythm with it though. Lets see how long I can keep it up. Consistency is key after all.

I don’t know what grammar you’ve done but I highly recommend checking out Human Japanese. It’s about €10 on Android (not sure about iphones) and its all explained really well and in a fairly interesting way. It’s really highly rated all over the internet and I can see why. The lessons are really short. About 10 or 15 minutes per lesson lesson but it’s all explained so well that you’ll feel like your making great progress. Theres about 40 lessons in total in the beginner version and I think the same for the intermediate version.

The PC version costs twice as much as the mobile version but is apparently exactly the same. If you’re happy enough just using your phone or tablet then thats fine but if you have a Samsung phone with Samsung DEX capability you can hook your phone up to your PC or laptop and use it that way.

Huh. I’ve never had this problem before, and I use Kaspersky too. I use Internet Security. Which one do you use?

I use the free version Security Cloud. I’ve been using it for a long time and it has never been an issue before. But turning it off today has fixed the problem. I turned it on again to see if the issue came back and it did. Disappointing but I decided to go with Avast instead. It’s definitely not a common issue because I did a fair bit of looking around and couldn’t come up with anything. Luckily for me, Daisuke knew about it.

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