Audio bug on repeat playback in safari on iOS

In Safari on both my iPad and iPhone, when I play an audio clip more than once, every time after the first time it truncates the first syllable. It doesn’t do this in safari on Mac, and it doesn’t do it in the Tsurukame app on iOS.

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I have the same experience in chrome on iOS. Once in a while it’ll do the same thing in Chrome on my chromebook, but not to the same extent.

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What version iOS are you on for your iPad and iPhone? And what version for Safari?

Both iPad and iPhone are on 14.5.1, and should be on whatever is current for Safari.

Can you try it on a different browser like Firefox? Someone else told us with the same issue said it seems to be Safari specific, but I wanted to double check if that’s the same with your issue.

I downloaded Firefox and tried it, and it happens there too.

Can you and @Beyond_Sleepy try it on this site and give us feedback?

Does it work better on this site?

I tried it on a batch of 13 reviews (chrome, iOS) and could not reproduce the issue:)

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Oh great!

@weaverZ Let me know once you try it on Safari and Firefox :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried this on both safari and firefox on my iPad, and the preview site seems to be working well. Curiously, after I test a word on the preview site, it works correctly on the main site.
Thanks for working on this!