Attack of the Apprentice Turtles - Defence log

Friday 18th Sept 2020: I hit a wall. A wave of Apprentices 288 turtles high. Caught in a whirlpool of reviews, I knew I had to put my pride aside and tackle this menace head on.

Tuesday 29th September 2020: I’m embarrassed to share this but I have to hold myself accountable. Progress has been made but it’s not yet enough. I must push forward!

Now that I’ve got my overly dramatic summary out of the way, Hello! I wanted to share my shameful progress in addressing my infernal apprentices. I careened through Levels 6 to 11 over the past few weeks but neglected to manage my apprentice count effectively.

My aim is to hit only a max of 100 Apprentice but I need to keep an eye on the Guru’s peering over the horizon. I can tell they’re just waiting to jump back into the pink pool of despair.


Love it! :heartbeat:


Status Report: The pool is evaporating before my very eyes. My review success rate is increasing, which is a great confidence boost. A welcome feeling when I am well acquainted with my previous morning review dread. All thanks to the use of mnemonics (yes they actually work!) and the significant reduction of apprentice turtles. I notice more familiar faces now rather than the previous overabundance of strangers and newcomers.

This detour has added a whole week to our journey through Level 11 but a necessary one to clear a lot of dead weight from our voyage,

The army of gurus is rapidly building up so that will be my next priority. Wish me luck. :v:t2:


The pink pool of doom is now merely a puddle! :smiley:

^^On my way to Guru Town! sob

Half of my guru’s are Guru1 so I need to make sure I keep these guys at bay! So any advice to preserve my apprentice count would be greatly appreciated.

I’m slowly returning lessons. Kanji specifically as vocab is what got me in this mess in the first place :slight_smile:


It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update! Thankfully progress is being made.

I even managed to level up today. :smiley:

I’m feeling a little happier with the weighting of my turtles. I feel less stressed and things are sticking a lot better than previously.

It’s a long journey ahead. As they say, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. I’ve learnt to not hold onto my pride so with this week’s progress report, I enclose my current level up chart. I have drifted off course on several occasions but that’s ok. :slight_smile:

My detour added several weeks to my itinerary but I believe I will now take great comfort and enjoyment from a more leisurely and emmersive pace. ^-^


My quest through the choppy waters of the Guru gulf is behind me now.

With the lesson’s I’ve learn on this voyage so far, you bet your butts I’ll keep keeping and eye out for any pink/purple waves in the distance.

Thank you for following my journey out of this mess. I hope this log will encourage others to keep going, despite any shortcomings they’ve experienced on the good ship WaniKani. Set boundaries and keep pushing forward <3


Reviving this badboy because… dem turtles!

(I’ve slowed down on level progression a lot since this ordeal so excuse the small number of pinkies :sweat_smile: )


800 burns since your last post - well done!

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