At what wani kani level do you know all the vocabulary or most in Genki and Japanese from zero?

i want to start learning grammar but hate not knowing the vocabulary and kanji involved, i wouldn’t mind not knowing an word here and there but don’t want to go in without knowing at least 90% of it. i think it takes away from the learning as well if you have to learn all the kanji and vocab associated with a grammar point.

Japanese From Zero teaches you the vocab relevant to the chapter. There will always be words you don’t know regardless of WaniKani level because of katakana words.


According to this list (which I made ages ago and possibly needs updating), you don’t learn every single kanji in Genki until level 46, but you’ve learnt 90% of them by level 16, and 95% by level 20.


There is a lot of vocabulary in Genki that’s kana only or never really taught on wanikani, so I would suggest looking for a Genki deck on Anki, and I believe the memrise decks also have a Genki list.

What I actually did for the first chapters of Genki was to just spend some quality time with the provided vocab list at the beggining of each chapter.

As for the kanji, you’ll know most of the kanji of Genki 1 by level 10.


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