At what point should I start learning grammar?

In my own experience knowing what the kanji of a word is means i am better able to memorise that word than if i am just memorising sounds. So learning kanji isn’t just essential for me being able to read- it helps me learm words more easily for listening and speaking too.

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So because i think learning kanji helps me to memorise words more easily i think it is a mistake to learn vocabulary and THEN learn kanji.

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We agree that learning grammar early as you do WK is important.

Of course we will all forget many kanji if we don’t use them. It’s no different than spelling or forgetting the meanings of obscure words.

There are other places to read kanji than Wanikani, however. You know, books, email, the web, signs/packaging, subtitles, …

The kanji we don’t use we will forget. But if we do come across a forgotten kanji unexpectedly, is it such a concern to resort to a dictionary or even guess at meanings/readings?

The characters I find myself forgetting certainly aren’t the first ones I burned, they are the most uncommon ones I come across in my reading.

I’ve no concern about burning on WK. If I still know an item after a four month gap, I feel I can consider it learned well enough. Scheduling reviews 8, 16, 32, … months in the future presumes I want to do WK reviews daily for the rest of my life.

I can assure you that for some of us, that’s not the case.

Are you arguing with yourself? :grin:

I can’t tell if this is a statement or a question.

I had a fairly large vocabulary of spoken Japanese words long before I learned any but the most basic kanji. I wish I’d learned to read decades ago, though.

It’s definitely MUCH easier to build vocabulary if you already know the underlying kanji (which I think is your point) but it’s absolutely possible to do so without being able to read.

The goal is the vocabulary, reading just makes it easier to build, so I would only call it a mistake if you never learn to read.

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