At what level one could start reading easy japanese books

I’ll add that instead of trying to reach some arbitrary level, you can just try once in a while.

If there’s something you want to read, you can often find samples either on or by googling its name + 立ち読み or 試し読み.

I did this for a bunch of manga when I started out, at the beginning it was just incomprehensible to me, but I checked back every month or so and suddenly よつばと was actually somewhat comprehensible, so I bought that. Quite a morale boost to see such clear evidence of your progress!

I second the graded readers as well, they were my stepping stone between short sample sentences and actual native materials.


mhhh. that’s an interesting solution, i might try it, thanks so much

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I really does, I’ve been trying to read quite a bit now and have neglected my Genki 2 for a little too long haha, so will hop onto grammar a little bit more in the coming weeks.

It’s a balance.


thank you, let’s keep with our study :muscle:

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Hi gang. I wondered if there are any readings that only use the characters we’ve learned up to each level? I’ve just reached level 9, and it would be a great way to reinforce the kanji that I’ve supposedly mastered, but which throw me for a wobbler when they come back! Cheers - Andrew :slight_smile:

I was also wondering about this. I haven’t done grammar yet to speak of, but something along the lines of the following would be cool to try:

“My name is spot. I am a dog.”

I am not above kids books with pictures :grin:

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Here is an overview of how your WK level corresponds to Joyo grades. At level 9, you know 100% of grade 1 kanji and about 80% of grade 2 kanji, so you could look into books or other material aimed at Japanese elementary school kids at those grades. I’d recommend going for grade 2 material, since having almost everything written in kana in grade 1 texts can be quite challenging itself.

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Many thanks for your reply! That’s good to know. Have a fantastic day - Andrew :slight_smile:

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His name is not “Spot” but aside from that it fits the bill i guess

(Apparently, にほんごたどく – NPO多言語多読 has a bunch of other graded readers, I only saw the link on this forum a couple of days ago but haven’t looked at it too much.)

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Oh this is awesome! Thank you :smiley:

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