Asterisk (*) in readings


Hello fellow turtles,

I was wondering what the asterisk symbol (which you sometimes see) in the readings mean? All I can think of is that that is the spot for the letters after it?

P.s. My first post here :smile:


Do you mean in Kun readings? Just a symbol to say that Okurigana is omitted.


Seems like that’s it, thanks!


Doesn’t that sometimes mean it is not an official reading? (As in not part of the Joyo list)


On WaniKani? WaniKani doesn’t have Japanese government lists’ data anywhere on the pages for the kanji, unless they’re just keeping it but not displaying it.


I never notice the asterix on Wanikani, thought he meant in general.


I guess he didn’t say, but it was asked in the WK section and not the Japanese Language section. Plus he seemed satisfied with the answer that relates to WK’s asterisks.


I indeed meant the WK asterisks, I am currently creating a small hobby project based on WK’s API and I just noticed the asterisks in the readings, that’s all :wink:

Handy to know about the general usage of it as well though, thanks!


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