Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)

They’re separate sites with separate accounts, even though it seems like it would make sense for them to be unified.

yeah, i had to set up another account with another email address on amazon jp, but, @Belthazar, if you have a gmail account you can just put a . anywhere in your name part of the address and it will work
for example if it’s you can create an account as and it will still receive emails in the same place, this is all i did :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s based on what I was told (and saw with my purchase shipped to the US) that international shipping on Amazon JP is 600 yen base cost plus 350 yen per item. I then converted that to US or Australian dollars. If that cost would be different for Australia for some reason, I would have no idea.

There’s plenty of security and software engineering reasons to keep them separate. :wink:


I poked around some more and found that shipping to Australia is 900 JPY plus 300 JPY per item. Does the seven-volume set count as one item or seven, though?

I just added it to my cart and it literally added the seven individual items to my cart. So it’s definitely counting it as seven items for shipping purposes.

Interestingly, removing it from my cart also warns that it would remove the whole bundle. But there doesn’t seem to be a reason to get the bundle to begin with.

…I definitely use the same email address for both :thinking:

Me too. :slight_smile:

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hahaha, dammit
i’m sure it told me ‘this email address is used in’ or some such warning

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Just bought my copy this evening! I also recklessly bought volume 5 because the illustration of Alice-chan on the cover was too beautiful to pass up.

Mine was dispatched from them yesterday, very quick. Hopefully it’s here in time as I was stingy on the delivery option!

So I compared all the chapters between Aria (2nd ed I think) and Aria the Masterpiece. There were a few other chapters that moved, but they all stayed within the same volume (other than those in Aqua volume 2 obviously).

Based on the content of the chapters in Aqua volume 2 that were not included in Aria the Masterpiece volume 1, I understand the moves because they were moved to where the story is more relevant. I don’t know these other chapters that were moved, but I imagine it’s for the same reason.

Anyway, that was my investigation for those who were curious. :man_shrugging:


We will be starting on June 23rd! Full schedule is up in the first post.


Exciting! It seems kind of appropriate to be reading this over the summer :relaxed:

Except doesn’t Akari arrive on Aqua in early spring? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it’s winter here.


Oh, haha ^^ The pictures just make it look very sunny! Maybe this way we can all pretend it’s an appropriate time of year regardless of where we are :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair, the seasons on Aqua last twice as long as here on Manhome.

I’m pretty sure one of the author’s afterwords had her lamenting about having to write chapters about summer when in Japan it was winter at the time, and she was staring to worry her assistants by hanging up windchimes and eating watermelon to get in the mood. Or something like that.


Wow… dedication.

I think I came to this late, but I ordered my copy last night! Now just the 2-3 weeks until it gets here… Hopefully it makes it by the deadline, but I’m looking forward to this!


I ordered my copy on the 7th May, and it said that it will arrive between the 24/05 - 21/06. Two days after I placed my order, I got an email saying that they already sent it and it arrived yesterday, so it took around 8 days to send it from Japan to Europe. Having said that, if it arrives in 2-3 weeks you should be fine.

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Is there no ebook version of this?

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